35 Things to Know About NOW YOU SEE ME From Our Set Visit; Plus Video Blog Recap

Posted April 15, 2013 by Rick in Movie News


Louis Leterrier’s Now You See Me is a film about a team of magicians who robs banks and gives the audience the money.  The FBI are sent to track these tricksters.  The cast includes Jesse EisenbergIsla FisherWoody HarrelsonDave FrancoMark RuffaloMichael Caine, Melanie Laurent and Morgan Freeman.  Now You See Me will release on May 31st.

35 Things to Know About Now You See Me:

  • All of the actors/actresses are specialists of their field: Eisenberg is a performer, Isla Fisher is an escape artist, Woody Harrelson is a mentalist, and Dave Franco is a pickpocket of sorts.
  • Mark Ruffalo’s FBI agent teams up with Melanie Laurent’s French Interpol agent to track down the Four Horseman.
  • They decided that in order to make a movie about magic work, the whole movie itself had to be a trick. They constructed the whole movies as if it has the three acts of a magic trick.
  • Isla Fisher’s character originally started out as Jesse Eisenberg’s assistant before becoming a full member of the team.
  • Michael Caine plays the benefactor who funds the Four Horseman’s shows.
  • Woody Harrelson trained with a real mentalist for weeks.
  • Jesse Eisenberg’s character is the master hand magician.
  • The timeline of the events in the film are only about a week.
  • Conan O’Brien has a cameo in the film as he interviews Michael Caine’s character on his show.
  • Eisenberg learned some of the basic principles of magic, which he found extremely useful in all of the different tricks and illusions.
  • There was some debate over whether or not to reveal how certain tricks were done in the movie.
  • One of the big things Eisenberg learned about being a magician is that you have to overcome the feeling of discomfort that comes with lying.
  • Letterier wanted to cast actors who were not typically in movies like this, he went for theater-types.
  • The film was originally set to shoot in Atlantic City, but they changed toNew Orleans.
  • Letterier tailored the roles to the actors once his cast started materializing.
  • Fisher found the escape tricks hard to do in rehearsal, but once the cameras rolled the pressure kicked in and it became surprisingly easy.
  • When Fisher read the script, she felt like the film was the lovechild between Clash of the Titans and Ocean’s Twelve.
  • To prepare for her role in the film, Fisher watched the documentary Make Believe about teen magicians. She also watched all of Houdini’s work and Dorothy Dietrich.
  • Louis shot the movie so that the camera was always moving, so the cast ended up doing a lot of takes of each scene.
  • Ruffalo’s FBI character is described as kind of a rogue. He’s always screwing things up but he does it with a lot of authority.
  • Ruffalo says the film has a Robin Hood flair to it.
  • One of the reasons Ruffalo responded to the script was that the plot “blew his mind” and completely tricked him.
  • They didn’t do a lot of soundstage work on the film. Most of the scenes were shot on location in New Orleans, New York, Las Vegas, and Paris.
  • The actors did a lot of the magic themselves instead of using camera tricks for the illusions.
  • Leterrier was looking for a great script with a great story, a great twist, and great characters.  That’s why he signed on to direct the film.
  • For many of the tricks, they had to shoot with one camera because it was so specific.
  • The film became a little bigger once Leterrier signed on because he decided to make the magic in the film bigger.
  • Once they cast Jesse Eisenberg (who was the first actor onboard), that changed the whole dynamic of the script.  His character was initially written as a David Blaine-like character.
  • Leterrier looked to SneakersOcean’s ElevenUsual Suspects, and a lot of French movies for inspiration.
  • Leterrier tried to use as many practical effects as possible in the film.
  • The film had two cinematographers: Larry Fong (Super 8) and Mitch Amundsen (Transformers).  Larry shot the magic scenes and Mitch shot the action scenes.
  • It was hard to cast the film at first because actors automatically thought a movie about magic was going to be cheesy.
  • There are three “shows” in the movie in which the magicians pull off amazing heists.
  • They shot the bulk of the movie in New Orleans, where they shot in the French Quarter and during Mardis Gras.
  • They shot the interior of the MGM Grand show in the film in New Orleans.
  • They shot a scene in which Michael Caine’s character is introduced on his real birthday and surprised him with hundreds of people singing Happy Birthday and brining out a cake. They filmed it and are going to put it on the Blu-ray.