A graphic designer’s enviable life slides into despair when his girlfriend breaks up with him.









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Release date: Feb 8, 2013
MPAA rating: Rated R for language and some nudity
Runtime: 86 min
Movie Reviews:
  • 67
    The Playlist - by Jessica Kiang
    A film of surface pleasures, even joys, but those joys seem to be longing for a central idea around which to coalesce. more

  • 60
    Variety - by Boyd van Hoeij
    Swan is more of a doodle than a fully formed idea, though not necessarily less enjoyable for it, since it was clearly intended to be an undisciplined, anything-goes kinda story. ...

  • 50
    Entertainment Weekly - by Lisa Schwarzbaum
    No less sweet for being unoriginal: A guy (Charlie Sheen) mourns a bad breakup with the woman he loves (Katheryn Winnick). The execution, on the other hand, is perilously self-absorbed. more

  • 50
    Los Angeles Times - by Sheri Linden
    The earnest passages mostly just lie there; the film works best on its frilly, exuberant surface, as a valentine to Streamline Moderne, Pop Art and L.A. more

  • 40
    New York Magazine (Vulture) - by Bilge Ebiri
    As the film progresses, the actor fails to progress with it: As Charles Swan seems to become more aware of his loneliness, Charlie Sheen seems to become more protective of his Charlie Sheen–ness. more

  • 40
    Time - by Mary Pols
    All this eye candy is ultimately only about as engaging as watching kids at play, which is what Sheen and Schwartzman seem to be doing. I can’t argue that this isn’t an accurate glimpse inside some man’s mind — perhaps Austin Powers? more

  • 40
    Village Voice - by Nick Pinkerton
    With neither the moral bite of satire nor a voluptuary surrender that really basks in shallowness, this is a vague, unsatisfying work. more

  • 40
    Time Out New York - by Joshua Rothkopf
    Fellini used to get away with such slender crises, but he had Marcello Mastrioanni behind the shades, as well as a more vivid penchant for psychosexual fantasy. Coppola and Swan are stuck in their obsessions with dorky album art and old-man cocktails at Musso & Frank. A precious, arid thing, Glimpse arrives pinned to Styrofoam like a prize arthropod. more

  • 30
    The New York Times - by Stephen Holden
    For all its visual pizazz A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III has the jerky momentum of a collection of disconnected skits loosely thrown together with only the vaguest notion of where it’s heading or what it all means. At best it is a mildly diverting goof with a charmless lead performance. Its underlying misogyny leaves a sour taste. ...

  • 30
    The Hollywood Reporter - by Deborah Young
    With such an in-house cast of extended Coppola family sparklers, one would think things couldn’t go too wrong in the comedy department, but they have little chance to oil the wheels of a creaky script written around Sheen. more

  • 25
    San Francisco Chronicle - by Mick LaSalle
    That was probably writer-director Roman Coppola's main responsibility in "Charles Swan," to give the audience a character worth watching. Get that right, and everything else falls into place. Get that wrong, and the audience finds out just how long 84 minutes can be. The answer: really long. more

  • 25
    Chicago Sun-Times - by Roger Ebert
    A film is a terrible thing to waste. For Roman Coppola to waste one on A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III is a sad sight to behold. I'll go further. For Charlie Sheen to waste a role in it is also a great pity. I stop not: For Bill Murray to occupy his time in this dreck sandwich is a calamity. more

  • 25
    New York Post - by Lou Lumenick
    So feeble it fails even as train-wreck exploitation. I’d be unkind, but not entirely inaccurate, to label Coppola’s sophomoric, er, sophomore effort as a director an offer you can refuse. more

  • 25
    Slant Magazine - by Andrew Schenker
    The film speeds ahead with almost gleeful disinterest in dealing with the narrative challenges it sets up before resolving them in the most perfunctory ways imaginable. more

  • 20
    New York Daily News - by Joe Neumaier
    Swan is so eager to be a trippy comic lark that it ends up resembling a clown trying to fit through a pea-shooter. more

  • 20 - by Andrew O'Hehir
    Seriously, this is one of the strangest and most painful films in recent memory. more

  • 0
    The A.V. Club - by Nathan Rabin
    It isn’t a movie so much as a feature-length perfume commercial for a Charlie Sheen signature cologne with gorgeous packaging and absolutely nothing inside. more

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User Comments & Reviews

  1. cirruss40

    I enjoyed this movie. With Charlie Sheen,, Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman and many other A list stars it was poignant and funny at times. Good watch 8 out of 10.

  2. martfrom1981

    Well…someone tried their hardest to make a Wes Anderson film….and failed.

  3. parastoned

    Watched about 10 minutes then started forwarding through.. ouch. Better off watching old episodes of Banana Splits.

  4. cirruss40

    To critique is to impoverish. On that note what did any of you do today?

  5. Art_of_Metu

    I really enjoyed the first half hour of this. But then it kind of just dragged. Best when you’re not sure if you are in or out of his mind.