Jon Martello objectifies everything in his life: his apartment, his car, his family, his church, and, of course, women. His buddies even call him Don Jon because of his ability to pull “10s” every weekend without fail. Yet even the finest flings don’t compare to the transcendent bliss he achieves alone in front of the computer watching pornography. Dissatisfied, he embarks on a journey to find a more gratifying sex life, but ends up learning larger lessons of life and love through relationships with two very different women.









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Release date: Sep 27, 2013
MPAA rating: Rated R for strong graphic sexual material and dialogue throughout, nudity, language and some drug use
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Runtime: 90 min
Movie Reviews:
  • 83
    Entertainment Weekly - by Owen Gleiberman
    Gordon-Levitt proves a natural filmmaker, nimbly staging Jon's highly amusing Catholic confessions, along with porn montages that mimic the dopamine-charged editing of "Requiem for a Dream." He also gets a terrific performance out of Tony Danza as Jon's hilariously blinkered brute of a dad. more

  • 83
    The Playlist - by Rodrigo Perez
    A beguiling romantic comedy with a heart, soul and pulse that will pleasure you for a full 90 minutes with hardly breaking a sweat. more

  • 80
    Los Angeles Times - by Betsy Sharkey
    Who would have thought one of the most amusing and oddly insightful romantic comedies would be built around the power and the potent pull of porn? more

  • 80
    The New York Times - by Manohla Dargis
    [A] deceptively sincere movie about masculinity and its discontents that Mr. Gordon-Levitt, making a fine feature directing debut, shapes into a story about a young man's moral education. ...

  • 80
    Arizona Republic - by Bill Goodykoontz
    A sharp turn on the romantic comedy, a movie about flawed people doing flawed things, often in funny fashion. ...

  • 80
    Village Voice - by Stephanie Zacharek
    It's a comedy that moves with a sense of purpose, as Gordon-Levitt does in the title role. more

  • 75
    New York Post - by Lou Lumenick
    Short, sweet, raunchy and often screamingly funny. more

  • 75
    NPR - by Bob Mondello
    Gordon-Levitt keeps things riotous for the film's first hour, and if he eases into an ending that's a little Hollywood-standard, after having so much fun tweaking form and content, I'm guessing audiences will cut him some slack. ...

  • 75
    USA Today - by Claudia Puig
    Johansson gives one of her best performances as the bossy, gum-chewing Jersey girl determined to change Jon into her image of a romantic hero. Tony Danza and Glenne Headly are hilarious as Jon's parents. Gordon-Levitt proves he can act, write and direct with equal dexterity. more

  • 75
    San Francisco Chronicle - by Mick LaSalle
    Don Jon deserves praise for wearing its message lightly and yet for daring to present such a lecture in today's Internet-drenched environment. Gordon-Levitt may be blithe in discussing pornography, but his movie nonetheless asserts that porn is addictive and destructive, that it intrudes on intimacy, and that it short-circuits the capacities for interaction and also, ultimately, for pleasure. That's a serious subject and a committed viewpoint, handled with wit and intelligence. more

  • 75
    Chicago Sun-Times - by Richard Roeper
    Gordon-Levitt the writer-director delivers some great laugh lines and a couple of nifty plot pivots, and Gordon-Levitt the actor gives a winning performance. more

  • 75
    Boston Globe - by Ty Burr
    What Don Jon is, surprisingly, is honest. R-rating aside, it should be required viewing for every 15-year-old boy on the planet. more

  • 75
    Philadelphia Inquirer - by Steven Rea
    Don Jon is about a man's unwitting search for intimacy, for real connection in a world where everyone is connected - by social media, by the Internet, by TV and computer and smartphone screens. That's not exactly an original idea. But Gordon-Levitt goes at it with gusto, and style. Give the guy some props. more

  • 75
    ReelViews - by James Berardinelli
    Gordon-Levitt wears three hats (director, writer, actor) and all of them fit. more

  • 75
    Miami Herald - by Rene Rodriguez
    Don Jon is nominally a love triangle between a woman, a man and his laptop, but the movie is much more thoughtful and substantial than that, and it takes a compassionate and humane approach to all of its characters, even when they’re at their most despicable. more

  • 75
    Chicago Tribune - by Michael Phillips
    Behind the camera, Gordon-Levitt shows serious promise. more

  • 75
    Movie Nation - by Roger Moore
    In Don Jon Gordon-Levitt hasn’t made a great movie. But he has made a fun one, short and sweet, with a third act punch that is so to-the-point it’ll take your breath away. more

  • 75 - by William Goss
    A funny, sly directorial debut more

  • 70
    The Dissolve - by Genevieve Koski
    Don Jon is a continuously entertaining and fitfully provocative first-time effort from the longtime actor. more

  • 70 - by Andrew O'Hehir
    This is a sweet, lively and funny movie rather than a fully realized one, but it makes clear that Gordon-Levitt has a natural feeling for cinema and should do more of it. more

  • 70
    New York Magazine (Vulture) - by David Edelstein
    The movie is a broad ethnic comedy, but there’s nothing broad about the wicked-smart way it’s executed. more

  • 67
    indieWIRE - by Eric Kohn
    Well made as it is, Don Jon suffers from a half-baked scenario that never manages to make its characters as intriguing as the problems that afflict its protagonist. It's a movie that shows better than it tells, even as it leaves much up to the imagination. more

  • 67
    Tampa Bay Times - by Steve Persall
    Don Jon is so friskily risque, with teasing glimpses of what turns Jon on and frank dialogue to match, that you don't notice the movie is stuck in a rut until Julianne Moore shows up late, offering Jon an older, wiser perspective on sex and relationships. more

  • 63
    The Globe and Mail (Toronto) - by Liam Lacey
    What becomes increasingly apparent is that Gordon-Levitt hasn’t exactly decided what Jon’s problem is, in a character that seems partly an expression of male wish fulfilment. more

  • 63
    St. Louis Post-Dispatch - by Joe Williams
    Gordon-Levitt is a victim of his own success here. He plays such a convincing cad that we don’t believe or invest in his redemption. more

  • 58
    Christian Science Monitor - by Peter Rainer
    True love beckons in the guise of a dingbat played by Julianne Moore and all is right with the world. As Jon’s father, a man whose lifeblood is yelling, Tony Danza is very funny. He makes you understand what his son is escaping from. more

  • 58
    The A.V. Club - by A.A. Dowd
    To Gordon-Levitt’s credit, he neatly sidesteps the moralizing message his film seems to be building toward. The hero’s problem is not that he jerks off too much; as articulated by widowed, pot-smoking classmate Julianne Moore — the only real human being onscreen — it’s that he’s never actually connected to another person through sex. more

  • 50
    Wall Street Journal - by Joe Morgenstern
    I like Mr. Gordon-Levitt a lot as an actor, and I wish him only the best in his future work as a filmmaker. There is, however, the matter of this particular movie, an overheated disquisition on the pleasures and limitations of masturbation. more

  • 50
    Austin Chronicle - by Marjorie Baumgarten
    Although the film’s character portraits are vividly drawn, they remain largely one-dimensional. more

  • 50
    New York Observer - by Rex Reed
    He (Gordon-Levitt) can act, and there’s a possibility he can also direct, but there’s no evidence in Don Jon that he can do both at the same time. more

  • 40
    Time Out New York - by Keith Uhlich
    As with many a first feature, Gordon-Levitt’s so-so directorial debut is pumped up with ambition. The early scenes, heavy on caricature, promise to puncture much of the cocky illusions surrounding modern relationships. more

  • 38 - by Odie Henderson
    A sex comedy that just lays there and expects you to do all the work. Gordon-Levitt's direction is repetitive and dry, and his screenplay is a collage of badly cut out pieces from other movies. more

  • 38
    Slant Magazine - by Andrew Schenker
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut does for porn-dependence what Shame did for sex addiction by offering a surface-level look at the effects of its specific pathology on its lead male character. more

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  1. Liana Shimunova

    This is a very funny, well-written film. Unlike most romantic comedies, it is both thought-provoking and introspective.