Ray Breslin is the world’s foremost authority on structural security. After analyzing every high security prison and learning a vast array of survival skills so he can design escape-proof prisons, his skills are put to the test. He’s framed and incarcerated in a master prison he designed himself. He needs to escape and find the person who put him behind bars.









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Release date: Oct 18, 2013
MPAA rating: Rated R for violence and language throughout
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Runtime: 115 min
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  • 75
    The A.V. Club - by Ignatiy Vishnevetsky
    Though this movie can’t match the formal qualities that made the pair’s most iconic films work, it goes a long way toward recapturing their sense of cheesy fun. more

  • 70
    New York Magazine (Vulture) - by Bilge Ebiri
    Here are two action stars having fun; watching them work together as a team is a lot more entertaining than you might have expected. Try not to think too hard about it, and Escape Plan is stupid, stupid fun. more

  • 68 - by Laremy Legel
    A Stallone / Schwarzenegger film that isn't completely beneath them. more

  • 63
    The Globe and Mail (Toronto) - by Geoff Pevere
    A display of old-school muscle-buddy connivance that’s as flatly preposterous as it is shamelessly entertaining. more

  • 63
    ReelViews - by James Berardinelli
    The heist-inspired elements aren't well thought through and it becomes a question of which is harder to swallow: the mechanics of the story or the idea that a couple of sixtysomethings can kick this much ass. more

  • 63

  • 60
    The New York Times - by Neil Genzlinger
    The script never gives them the kind of memorable exchange that makes fans howl with delight. But all in all, Escape Plan does what it sets out to do. ...

  • 60
    Los Angeles Times - by Robert Abele
    Escape Plan is mostly a gray, thudding metal machine of throwback exploitation, but the goateed, goofy Ah-nold is so happy to be in the thick of an old-school bruiser again that he makes it feel like the dumb-fun flashback party it is. more

  • 60
    Time Out New York - by Keith Uhlich
    No new ground is broken, and viewers will, not unpleasantly, get everything they expect. It’s apparently morning in America again. more

  • 60
    New York Daily News - by Jordan Hoffman
    As the unpredictable, mischievous inmate with the unlikely name of Emil Rottmayer, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sidekick role in Escape Plan may make audiences weep for the films we missed out on while he made speeches in Sacramento. more

  • 60
    The Dissolve - by Keith Phipps
    Stallone and Schwarzenegger have all the gravity here, and keep pulling Escape Plan in the direction of an old-fashioned tough-guy action film, one filled with nods to their onscreen pasts and offscreen exploits. more

  • 60
    Variety - by Andrew Barker
    Mercifully free of tongue-in-cheek meta-humor, Escape Plan is a likably lunkheaded meat-and-potatoes brawler that never pretends to be more sophisticated than it is. more

  • 60
    Total Film - by Andrew Lowry
    A highly enjoyable slice of in-one-eye, out-the-other nonsense. It may coast on the charisma of its leads at times, and it’s hardly deep, but there’s a Friday night to be had. more

  • 50
    Washington Post - by Michael O'Sullivan
    The plot itself is predictably divorced from reality, containing more holes — and smelling staler — than month-old Swiss cheese. All of which means that Stallone and Schwarzenegger end up having to do all the heavy lifting. more

  • 50
    Chicago Sun-Times - by Bruce Ingram
    Sure, it’s fun to see the Governator and the Italian Stallion he-manning it up together feature-length for the first time — the screen is barely big enough to contain the two of them — but the prison-break movie Escape Plan is unworthy of the momentous occasion. more

  • 50
    USA Today - by Scott Bowles
    Action fans -- particularly devotees of brainless '80s shoot-em-ups -- may find enough to like here, particularly the preposterous mayhem of the third act. more

  • 50
    Movie Nation - by Roger Moore
    The tempered violence, the nature of the villains, the easy bonhomie of our leads and a cast peppered with great supporting players make Escape Plan go down easier than the other “Rambo/Last Man Standing/Expendables” pictures that brought these two aged action stars back from the dead. more

  • 40
    New Orleans Times-Picayune - by Mike Scott
    It won't stick to your ribs in the way, say, a shank will -- but it probably won't leave you looking for a way to escape the theater, either. more

  • 40
    Arizona Republic - by Bill Goodykoontz
    It’s not fair to either of these actors to want to see Rocky and the Terminator over and over again. But it is fair to want to see them in something better than this. ...

  • 40
    Time Out London - by Tom Huddleston
    Escape Pla’ would have made a perfect vehicle for, say, a Chuck Norris or even a Jean-Claude Van Damme. But these two redoubtable, enormously watchable old-school heroes deserve better. more

  • 40
    Empire - by Helen O'Hara
    For a long stretch of the second act the film feels like doing a long stretch, but Schwarzenegger’s having a ball as Stallone goes through the motions. more

  • 38 - by Steven Boone
    Yeah, it's a mishmash of good, strange ideas and generic nonsense, barely held together by Sly and Arnie. more

  • 33
    The Playlist - by Gabe Toro
    Escape Plan deserves some credit for gradually rising from abysmal to almost-mediocre, though it’s needlessly complicated in every step of the way. more

  • 30
    Austin Chronicle - by Louis Black
    The film is eventful and full of suspense, but also obvious and completely contrived. more

  • 30
    The Hollywood Reporter - by Todd McCarthy
    They just don't make 'em like this anymore, and it's a good thing, too. more

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