After having the greatest time of his life three summers ago, Lenny (Adam Sandler), decides he wants to move his family back to his hometown and have them grow up with his gang of childhood friends and their kids. But between old bullies, new bullies, schizophrenic bus drivers, drunk cops on skis, psycho grade school girlfriends and 400 costumed party crashes he finds out that sometimes crazy follows you.









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Release date: Jul 12, 2013
MPAA rating: Rated PG-13 for crude and suggestive content, language and some male rear nudity
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Runtime: 101 min
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  • 44 - by Laremy Legel
    A movie of fools, by fools, for fools, Grown Ups 2 is easily forgotten, which isn’t as bad a feature as you’d think. more

  • 40
    New York Daily News - by Elizabeth Weitzman
    You know what you’re going to get, and that is, indeed, what Sandler delivers. It’s juvenile, it’s obvious and it’s crass. But with Sandler at the helm, at least it’s as easy to like as it is to forget. more

  • 38
    Movie Nation - by Roger Moore
    It’s another pointless romp through Sandlerland — where the women are buxom, the kids have catch-phrases and the jokes are below average. more

  • 30
    New York Magazine (Vulture) - by Bilge Ebiri
    The original film also featured Rob Schneider. I can’t quite believe I’m saying this, but his presence is sorely missed here. more

  • 25 - by Marsha McCreadie
    As Roger Ebert noted in his review of "Grown Ups," they are "well-meaning people you don't want to see again any time real soon." My guess is we won't. more

  • 25
    USA Today - by Claudia Puig
    Even as temporary visitors, the audience can feel IQ points slipping away. more

  • 25
    San Francisco Chronicle - by Mick LaSalle
    The temptation arises to say something nice about Grown Ups 2 just because it doesn't cause injury. But no, it's a bad movie, too, just old-school bad, the kind that's merely lousy and not an occasion for migraines or night sweats. more

  • 25
    Miami Herald - by Connie Ogle
    It’s bad enough to make you look askance at Salma Hayek, Maria Bello, and Maya Rudolph, all of whom deserve a chance to do something funny other than pose as wives exuding various degrees of sexiness. more

  • 20
    Village Voice - by Nick Schager
    A few decent one-liners notwithstanding, the movie comes off as willfully uninspired. more

  • 20
    The New York Times - by Andy Webster
    This is pap, plain and simple: scattered raunch-lite devoid of emotional resonance. At best, it sells itself on the spectacle of a TV show’s cast reunion — and even then it disappoints. ...

  • 20
    Los Angeles Times - by Mark Olsen
    Grown Ups 2 looks like it was a lot of fun to make. And the last laugh is on us. more

  • 20
    Time Out New York - by Matt Patches
    In the first five minutes, a deer walks into the star’s bedroom and urinates on his face. It’s all downhill from there. more

  • 20
    Arizona Republic - by Randy Cordova
    It’s hard to imagine another comedy coming along this year that is this abrasive and free of laughs. It’s like everyone involved intentionally tried to create a horrible movie. ...

  • 20
    The Hollywood Reporter - by John DeFore
    Throughout, gags are cartoonishly broad and afforded so little time for setup and delivery we seem to be watching less a story than a catalog of tossed-out material. more

  • 20
    New Orleans Times-Picayune - by Mike Scott
    Lazy and stupid and unwilling to put forth the effort needed to distinguish itself even from a mediocre Internet video, it all amounts to a forgettable, slapdash bit of comedic nothingness. more

  • 16
    The A.V. Club - by Ignatiy Vishnevetsky
    Largely free of Sandler’s usual schmaltz and lame romance, it’s pure plotless, grotesque high jinks, bizarre and inept in a way that’s fascinating without ever being all that funny. more

  • 12
    New York Post - by Sara Stewart
    The movie lurches from one gross-out scene to another, flipping the bird at continuity and logic. It honestly seems as if Sandler and his team descended on a random suburb, halfheartedly improvising and moving on when they got bored. more

  • 12
    Slant Magazine - by Chris Cabin
    The obvious amount of hard work that went into this out-of-touch sequel is partly what makes it so irritating. more

  • 11
    Austin Chronicle - by Marjorie Baumgarten
    The Land of Lazy can crown a new king because with Grown Ups 2 Adam Sandler has officially nabbed the throne. more

  • 10
    The Dissolve - by Nathan Rabin
    The film is so slight that it feels less like a proper sequel to Grown Ups than a failed television spin-off that inexplicably cast Sandler and the gang in the lead roles instead of their low-budget television equivalents. more

  • 10
    Variety - by Andrew Barker
    Among the slackest, laziest, least movie-like movies released by a major studio in the last decade, Grown Ups 2 is perhaps the closest Hollywood has yet come to making “Ow! My Balls!” seem like a plausible future project. more

  • 5
    NPR - by Mark Jenkins
    This movie, like all of Sandler's, insists on its star's likability. more

  • 0
    The Playlist - by Gabe Toro
    Basically, it’s a film made for brainless grunts who like to hang out all day making sub-literate jokes about boobs and gays while watching the game. No wonder the first movie was such a success. more

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