Filmed off the coast of New Bedford, Massachusetts, the country’s largest fishing port with over 500 ships sailing from its harbor every month, Leviathan follows one such vessel, a hulking groundfish trawler, into the surrounding murky black waters. Filmmakers Lucien Castaing-Taylor (Sweetgrass) and Verena Paravel (Foreign Parts) use a dozen cameras to present a vivid representation of the work, the sea, the machinery and the players, both human and marine. [Cinema Guild]









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Release date: Mar 1, 2013
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Runtime: 87 min
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    Slant Magazine - by
    Leviathan is a titanic achievement, a visceral overload whose impact registers immediately and with great force. more

  • 91
    The Playlist - by Gabe Toro
    The experience of Leviathan is wholly singular, without context, enveloping and immersive. In some ways, it might very well be the most terrifying picture of the year. more

  • 91
    The A.V. Club - by Noel Murray
    Anyone who enjoys overpowering cinematic sensation and watching people do a job will be predisposed to like Leviathan, Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel’s avant-garde documentary about life aboard a commercial fishing vessel. Leviathan is an immersive experience, plunging viewers into darkness and chaos, amid a rush of vivid color and rapid movement. ...

  • 88
    Boston Globe - by Peter Keough
    It is part Rorschach test and part theme park ride as the filmmakers shoot from the strangest places and from such odd perspectives that much of the film consists of trying to figure out what the heck is going on. more

  • 75
    New York Post - by Farran Smith Nehme
    The adventurous souls who stick with it, however, will find head-spinning images and a cumulative impact that does, in fact, amount to a story. ...

  • 60
    Los Angeles Times - by Gary Goldstein
    Though it's a decidedly arty piece, Leviathan, named after the biblical sea creature, also lacks much in the way of traditional beauty or splendor. However, the immersive shots of those swooping and circling sea gulls are quite something. more

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  1. Liana Shimunova

    To a fault, ‘Leviathan’ (2013) is a spectacle tour de force with EXTREMELY prolonged scenes of the deep-sea, severed fish, and seagulls. With that stated, I cannot recommend this film for how repetitive it is. Go watch the trailer because you will not be missing one single intriguing aspect that isn’t shown in those three minutes