Left to fend for themselves after their SS officer father and mother, a staunch Nazi believer, are interred by the victorious Allies at the end of World War II, five German children undertake a harrowing journey to reach their grandmother in the north that exposes them to the reality and consequences of their parents’ actions. [Music Box Films]









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Release date: Feb 8, 2013
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Runtime: 109 min
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  • 100
    Chicago Sun-Times - by Steven Boone
    Lore belongs in the inspiration-and-control camp. It makes dizzying flourishes out of moments that would pass as filler in other films. more

  • 100
    New York Observer - by Rex Reed
    It’s a remarkable accomplishment. more

  • 91
    Portland Oregonian - by Marc Mohan
    Shortland, whose only previous feature was 2004's coming-of-age drama "Somersault," creates a visceral, immersive environment and draws a very impressive performance from newcomer Saskia Rosendahl. more

  • 90
    The New York Times - by Stephen Holden
    The film sustains an air of overarching mystery in which the viewer, like the title character, is in the position of a sheltered child plunked into an alien environment and required to fend for herself without a map or compass. ...

  • 88
    Philadelphia Inquirer - by Steven Rea
    By the end of their arduous journey, Lore and her siblings are changed. But it's the kind of change that will take years, perhaps generations, to understand, to heal. more

  • 88
    Boston Globe - by Ty Burr
    I’m not sure Lore holds up to repeated viewings — Shortland’s style is so feverish it could quickly turn precious — but it demands to be seen at least once. more

  • 85
    NPR - by Ella Taylor
    The climax Shortland offers us is much harder to take than Seiffert's gentler vision, yet far more evocative of the bitter price paid by the children of the Third Reich for the sins of their parents. more

  • 83
    Entertainment Weekly - by Lisa Schwarzbaum
    This striking, slow-building drama from Cate Shortland uses fractured, impressionistic imagery as a mirror of moral dislocation as the children make their way through an unfamiliar landscape. more

  • 80
    Los Angeles Times - by Kenneth Turan
    At its heart Lore qualifies as a coming-of-age story, but it is far from the ones we usually see. more

  • 75
    St. Louis Post-Dispatch - by Joe Williams
    With a child’s perspective on war, Lore deserves comparisons with “Empire of the Sun” and “Hope and Glory,” and with a feisty female protagonist it stands virtually alone. more

  • 75
    San Francisco Chronicle - by Leba Hertz
    Rosendahl brings a wonderful innocence and burgeoning sexual awakening to the role, while still evincing inner strength and complexity. In her unconscious attempts to regain her soul, Lore pays the ultimate price as she discovers the stink of who she and her family and her country had become. more

  • 75
    Christian Science Monitor - by Peter Rainer
    Saskia Rosendahl is a highly expressive actress within the limited confines of her character, and the film is studded with memorable scenes. more

  • 75
    New York Post - by Farran Smith Nehme
    Lore is the sort of movie you’d already expect to rip your heart out, but that doesn’t diminish the tragedy when it does arrive. more

  • 75
    The A.V. Club - by Scott Tobias
    If nothing else, Shortland gives Rosendahl a star-making platform on par with Cornish’s in "Somersault": She’s a magnetic screen presence who subtly conveys not only the struggle and guilt inherent to her situation, but also a residue of hate that’s carried over from her parents. The actor, like her character, shoulders a heavy burden. more

  • 70
    Wall Street Journal - by Joe Morgenstern
    The pace is deliberate, verging on slow — Australian filmmakers aren't keen on short takes or quick cuts — but the content is constantly surprising. more

  • 70
    Village Voice - by Scott Foundas
    Shortland draws fine work from her actors, particularly the haunting Rosendahl, who manages to seem by turns a perfectly unbending Nazi youth, a frightened little girl forced to grow up too quickly, and a sensuous young woman bursting into bloom. more

  • 70
    Variety - by Richard Kuipers
    Lore offers a fresh, intimate and mostly successful perspective on Germany's traumatic transition from conqueror nation to occupied state. ...

  • 67
    Austin Chronicle - by Marjorie Baumgarten
    Although there are moments that push the story a bit beyond credulity, Shortland has created something remarkable by forcing us to find within ourselves sympathy for this would-be Aryan princess. more

  • 67
    The Playlist - by Kevin Jagernauth
    While a film of great craft, strongly performed by the cast across the board, and particulary by the lead, newcomer Saskia Rosendahl, Lore never lets the audience in close enough for it to be a truly embraceable picture. more

  • 63
    Movie Nation - by Roger Moore
    An engrossing but frustrating movie, so subtle in its depiction of a teenager struggling to come to terms with a world and worldview utterly upended that it almost trivializes the tragedy that Lore, we suspect, is just beginning to feel responsible for. more

  • 63
    Slant Magazine - by Nick McCarthy
    Copious amounts of landscape and wilderness shots cover up its schematic plot, as its indirect visual allusions take precedence over thematic development. more

  • 60
    Time Out New York - by David Fear
    What starts as a flipped survival tale turns into historical tragisploitation that wallows in its slog of endless suffering. more

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  1. raidmar

    the movie was a great movie, thank god for subtitles though. 9/10

  2. bobbythebest

    good movie worth a watch 7/10

  3. fd4811

    A stand out film, great story , good production 8/10

  4. thephotoshoptips

    I loved this movie, the acting was amazing, it is really well done. It will certainly open your eyes to the aftermath of the second world war, from the transition Lore went through from being totally delusional with the F

  5. Soumaya123

    Very good movie . I recommend this as a watch definitely. Some really sad part’s that i’m glad they showed quickly.