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Ballet dancer Jody (Ashley Tisdale) and ape researcher Dan have just become the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy when the spooky happenings in their home start causing problems in the workplace as well. With a mischievous demon making their lives unbearable, the miserable couple plant cameras in every corner of their house, and recruit some supernatural experts to help evict the diabolical imp.









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Release date: Apr 12, 2013
MPAA rating: Rated PG-13 for crude and sexual content throughout, language, some drug material, partial nudity, comic violence and gore
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Runtime: 85 min
Movie Reviews:
  • 25
    Entertainment Weekly - by Darren Franich
    Somehow, it actually looks cheaper than "Paranormal Activity." It's less funny, too. more

  • 25
    The A.V. Club - by Nathan Rabin
    Scary Movie 5 aspires to timeliness, but its comic sensibility is so groaningly retro that the film features a series of tributes to The Benny Hill Show and its signature ditty, “Yakety Sax.” more

  • 25
    Movie Nation - by Roger Moore
    Scary Movie 5 comes up short in every way imaginable. more

  • 20
    Total Film - by Neil Smith
    That every jibe lands woefully wide is no surprise, though we’ll give leading lady Ashley Tisdale credit for giving her all to a film that mercifully won’t be around long enough to do any lasting damage to her post-High School Musical career. more

  • 20
    Empire - by Kim Newman
    Lacking a single honest laugh, this is shoddy by comparison with the other Scary Movie sequels… which throws it in a pit with Transylmania, Breaking Wind and Stan Helsing. more

  • 20
    New York Daily News - by Joe Neumaier
    Luckily, folks like Snoop and good sports like Sheen and, yes, Lohan, break up the monotony. Until, like an undead beastie, the boredom and dumb jokes come roaring back. more

  • 10
    Los Angeles Times - by Amy Nicholson
    If you think three months is an impossible amount of time to write and produce a feature film, well, it is. more

  • 10
    Variety - by Justin Chang
    Audiences not inclined to laugh at the sight of a baby’s head catching fire are encouraged to at least chuckle at the various gags made at the expense of Jody and Dan’s housekeeper (a game Lidia Porto), who satisfies many of the picture’s comedic-target prerequisites by being plus-sized, hysterically religious and Latina. more

  • 5 - by Laremy Legel
    Scary Movie 5 is so massively un-enjoyable, a hate crime against cinema, a ringing indictment of the depths commercialism will go to in search of the lowest common denominator. more

  • 0
    Washington Post - by Stephanie Merry
    Lazy, boring, vile and tragically unfunny attempt at a horror-film spoof. more

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User Comments & Reviews

  1. I kinda enjoyed the movie even with the bad reviews! I thought it was funny as hell!

  2. Matt Penney

    These movies consistently face two problems: 1. the pop culture references they choose to parody are stale and clichéd by the time the movie comes out, and 2. even if they were more timely, the jokes just aren’t that funny. Really, there’s no chance of success here.