Emily Taylor, despite being reunited with her husband from prison, becomes severely depressed with emotional episodes and suicide attempts. Her psychiatrist, Jonathan Banks, after conferring with her old doctor, eventually prescribes her an experimental new medication he’s consulting on, Ablixa. However, its side effects on Emily prove increasingly serious with Emily sleepwalking until she kills her husband in that state.









Movie Reviews:
  • 91
    Portland Oregonian - by Marc Mohan
    By the time the satisfying conclusion rolls around, though, it proves to be much more about the ability of a world-class director to induce such willing suspension of disbelief that even the loopiest narrative developments seem like the most natural thing in the world. more

  • 90
    Time - by Richard Corliss
    Side Effects virtually demands a three-word review: Just see it. more

  • 90
    Los Angeles Times - by Kenneth Turan
    This clever bag of tricks is made with so much cinematic skill it makes implausibility irrelevant. What happens on screen is unapologetically far-fetched, but it unfolds with enough panache to make turning away out of the question. more

  • 90
    Wall Street Journal - by Joe Morgenstern
    In another sense, though, everything is exactly what it seems, expertly crafted and cleverly compounded for high-dose entertainment. more

  • 90
    The New York Times - by A.O. Scott
    While the plot may be predictable (and more than a little preposterous) in retrospect, Mr. Soderbergh handles it brilliantly, serving notice once again that he is a crackerjack genre technician. ...

  • 90
    Arizona Republic - by Randy Cordova
    Ultimately, think of the movie as a puzzle box in which all the pieces fit together wonderfully well. Once you step back and take a look at how it’s all put together, you have to marvel at how cleverly constructed the whole thing is. ...

  • 88
    Philadelphia Inquirer - by Steven Rea
    Side Effects, chilly and noirish, and boasting a wily performance from Catherine Zeta-Jones as a therapist who worked with Emily earlier in her adulthood, is, Soderbergh says, his swan song. more

  • 88
    Chicago Sun-Times - by Roger Ebert
    Imagine music for a sorcery-related plot and then dial it down to ominous forebodings. Without Thomas Newman's score, Side Effects would be a lesser film, even another film. more

  • 88
    Rolling Stone - by Peter Travers
    Side Effects is Soderbergh in full, flinty vigor. It's anything but a formula murder mystery. more

  • 83
    The A.V. Club - by Scott Tobias
    Like his underappreciated "Haywire," Side Effects screws around in its own thriller architecture, toying with feints of structure and clever bits of misdirection, and otherwise playing the audience like a fiddle. At this point in his career, Soderbergh pulls it off with the unpracticed ease of a maestro. more

  • 83
    Entertainment Weekly - by Owen Gleiberman
    Side Effects is mostly a good Saturday-night movie, but by the end, it's caused a few unintended side effects of its own: a bit of head-scratching, and a giggle or two of disbelief. more

  • 83
    indieWIRE - by Eric Kohn
    The scenes pile up with frenetic intensity; as with Soderbergh's other recent exercises in the suspense genre, no single cutaway goes wasted. more

  • 80
    New York Daily News - by Joe Neumaier
    The movie respects a viewer’s intelligence, which should also serve as a warning; don’t be lulled into a stupor. Keeping sharp will allow all the fun and menace in this terrific thriller to seep into your head. more

  • 80
    Village Voice - by Melissa Anderson
    If Side Effects, an immensely pleasurable thriller centering around psychotropic drugs, really is Steven Soderbergh's final big-screen film, as the director claims it will be, then he has peaked in the Valley of the Dolls. more

  • 80
    New York Magazine (Vulture) - by David Edelstein
    Soderbergh’s alleged last theatrical film is paranoid and hopeless, but he leaves the field with a bounce in his step. more

  • 80
    Variety - by Justin Chang
    Steven Soderbergh's elegantly coiled puzzler spins a tale of clinical depression and psychiatric malpractice into an absorbing, cunningly unpredictable entertainment that, like much of his recent work, closely observes how a particular subset of American society operates in a needy, greedy, paranoid and duplicitous age. ...

  • 78
    Austin Chronicle - by Marjorie Baumgarten
    You never really see any of it coming, which is what makes the film such a marvel – and so difficult to discuss. more

  • 75
    Miami Herald - by Rene Rodriguez
    The main thing to keep in mind while watching Steven Soderbergh’s thriller Side Effects is not to take the movie too seriously or else you’ll feel betrayed by the end. more

  • 75
    Boston Globe - by Ty Burr
    A sleekly clever murder mystery, the film plays as many games with the audience as it does with its characters, and for the majority of the running time — the challenge comes from matching wits with what you’re seeing. more

  • 75
    The Globe and Mail (Toronto) - by Liam Lacey
    But it’s Rooney who commands the most attention. As she already proved in David Fincher’s "The Social Network" and "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," she has an oddly fascinating screen presence, suggesting both vulnerability and inscrutable levels of calculation. Few actors or actresses can make inexpressiveness look so smart. more

  • 75
    New York Post - by Lou Lumenick
    I walked out of Steven Soderbergh’s Side Effects thinking to myself, “Finally, a mainstream 2013 movie I can whole-heartedly recommend’’ — then quickly added, “well, except that it will probably piss off a sizeable portion of the target audience.’’ more

  • 75
    San Francisco Chronicle - by Mick LaSalle
    It's a gripping, maddening and thoroughly satisfying thriller, made with artfulness and integrity. Soderbergh sees things in his actors and gets things from them that other directors don't. more

  • 75
    Chicago Tribune - by Michael Phillips
    With Rooney Mara as the woman in question — a poised, tense Manhattanite prescribed anti-anxiety medication by her psychiatrist with newsworthy results — Side Effects finds its ideal performer. more

  • 75
    ReelViews - by James Berardinelli
    There's something delightfully old-fashioned about Steven Soderbergh's Side Effects. It's the kind of thriller that Alfred Hitchcock might make if he was still alive and active today. more

  • 75
    Movie Nation - by Roger Moore
    Steven Soderbergh, rightly considered one of Hollywood’s smartest movie makers, is at his cleverest in Side Effects, a canny, cunning big idea thriller in a minor key, an engrossing zeitgeist whodunit about Wall Street, Big Pharma, prescription drugs and the power we give psychiatry and psychologists. more

  • 75
    The Playlist - by Drew Taylor
    The picture's conspiratorial late-night tone and fleshy after hours luridness was practically built for watching at night, when our parents think we've gone off to bed (think '80s films directed by folks like Adrian Lyne). more

  • 70
    The New Yorker - by David Denby
    In Side Effects, the working out of the thriller plot is accomplished with too much verbal explanation. [11 & 18 Feb. 2013, p.114] ...

  • 70 - by Andrew O'Hehir
    It’s masterfully shot and edited, with a brooding soundtrack and a mysterious, dreamlike undertow – and, when all is revealed, it’s not even half as interesting as it seems to be. more

  • 70
    Slate - by Dana Stevens
    Some of these revelations feel like clever reversals, others like calculated rug-pulls, but we never stop caring about what happens next. more

  • 67
    Christian Science Monitor - by Peter Rainer
    Soderbergh and screenwriter Scott Z. Burns maintain a tone of taut creepiness, but the plot’s double and triple crosses are more ingenious than believable. more

  • 63
    Slant Magazine - by Ed Gonzalez
    Like Magic Mike, Side Effects is enlivened by Soderbergh's jazzy style and laidback moralism, bringing to mind the work of another connoisseur of genre, Robert Altman. more

  • 50
    USA Today - by Scott Bowles
    Like a lot of meds, it loses its effectiveness over time, and you'll build a resistance to Effects eventually, particularly when it dissolves into a standard crime flick. more

  • 50
    Washington Post - by Ann Hornaday
    Like a gel cap in a sip of orange juice, the psycho-pharmacological thriller Side Effects goes down easily, even if its long-term impact turns out to be barely dis­cern­ible. more

  • 50
    The Hollywood Reporter - by Todd McCarthy
    In trying to merge this alarmist theme with an old-fashioned murder mystery, the filmmakers throw at least one plot-twist sucker-punch too many, leaving the viewer with an “Oh, come on” reaction to the entire film. more

  • 25
    New York Observer - by Rex Reed
    What it turns out to be is a preposterous puzzle that fails every test under scrutiny, leaving the spectator with a “Huh?” that is meant to be uttered only while chewing gum. more

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