In the fast-paced action thriller SNITCH, Dwayne Johnson stars as a father whose teenage son is wrongly accused of a drug distribution crime and is looking at a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 10 years. Desperate and determined to rescue his son at all costs, he makes a deal with the U.S. attorney to work as an undercover informant and infiltrate a drug cartel on a dangerous mission — risking everything, including his family and his own life. (c) Summit









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Release date: Feb 22, 2013
MPAA rating: Rated PG-13 for drug content and sequences of violence
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Runtime: 112 min
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  • 75
    The Globe and Mail (Toronto) - by Rick Groen
    Pleasant because, instead of the usual hero-and-mayhem jive, Snitch is an honest exercise in workmanlike craft. This is to film what ceramic is to floors or Billy is to bookcase or what a third-line centre is to a winning hockey team – hardly great but good and solid and functional. more

  • 75
    USA Today - by Claudia Puig
    In its focus on an ordinary family facing a nightmarish scenario, Snitch is a terrifying but relatable story. more

  • 75
    Chicago Tribune - by Michael Phillips
    It's an entertaining picture — pulp, coming from a place of righteous indignation. more

  • 70
    New York Magazine (Vulture) - by Bilge Ebiri
    There’s a lot of cartoonish potential in Snitch, but director Ric Roman Waugh (who previously made the excellent prison drama "Felon," another exercise in somber desperation) seems intent on trying to sell the movie as a more serious enterprise. And amazingly, the gambit works. more

  • 70
    The Hollywood Reporter - by Todd McCarthy
    Unusual for this sort of thing, Snitch is a film after which you remember the characters and actors more than the big action moments. more

  • 67
    The A.V. Club - by Nathan Rabin
    Snitch toys with moral ambiguity and fatalism before losing its nerve and delivering the action-movie goods in a climax that hews closer to fantasy than the keenly observed realism of the film’s solid center. more

  • 63
    Washington Post - by Michael O'Sullivan
    Snitch is protein-and-starch filmmaking at its utilitarian -- and belly-filling -- best. Johnson brings the steak; Bernthal the sizzle. The father-son drama is served up as sauce on the side. But as long as the beef isn’t too overcooked, who needs the A1? more

  • 63
    Boston Globe - by Tom Russo
    Snitch gets a decent amount of drama (and action, of course) out of the argument that there’s paying for a crime, and then there’s overpaying. more

  • 63
    Philadelphia Inquirer - by Steven Rea
    Directed by veteran stuntman Ric Roman Waugh, Snitch is shot with a mix of nervous close-ups and weirdly vertiginous angles. more

  • 63
    Chicago Sun-Times - by Richard Roeper
    Who would have guessed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would deliver the best work of his career playing a guy who squares off against a pack of small-time street thugs. more

  • 63
    Movie Nation - by Roger Moore
    What gives it’s juice is the supporting cast. John Bernthal (“The Walking Dead”) is credibly wary as the ex-con John begs to get him in the door of the drug world. And the terrific Michael Kenneth Williams is the first dealer he meets, a guy who pulls a gun on him just to test him. more

  • 60
    Arizona Republic - by Barbara VanDenburgh
    Although Johnson performs admirably in the drama-heavy role — far better than many of his action-hero colleagues would manage — John Matthews is a character as boring as his name. ...

  • 60
    Variety - by Peter Debruge
    It's nice to have actors of Sarandon and Pepper's caliber onboard for the office-bound wheeler-dealer scenes, but mostly, it's the prospect of witnessing Johnson at the helm of an 18-wheeler as he rams his way through machine-gun fire that excites. ...

  • 55
    NPR - by Scott Tobias
    Whatever lizard-brain fun might have been had in watching Johnson do battle against a drug cartel is weakened by the occasional hard tug at the social conscience. The film winds up divided against itself. more

  • 50
    San Francisco Chronicle - by Mick LaSalle
    Not the usual action movie. It's too odd for that. Based on a true story, it has the weirdness of real life, which is good. But also like real life, it has that funny way of not making much sense or being all that enjoyable. more

  • 50

  • 50
    The New York Times - by Stephen Holden
    For all its violence and road rage, Snitch doesn’t disintegrate into noisy popcorn nonsense. ...

  • 50
    ReelViews - by James Berardinelli
    Someone please get director Ric Roman Waugh a tripod! Snitch might be a passable action-thriller but it's hard to say because every time an action scene comes along, the image shakes so badly it's impossible to keep anything in view or focus. more

  • 50
    St. Louis Post-Dispatch - by Joe Williams
    The verdict on Snitch is that Johnson has attempted a career detour on a street marked Do Not Enter. more

  • 50
    Austin Chronicle - by Louis Black
    Unfortunately, Snitch is torn between being an ideological drama and a more traditional action film – and Johnson’s presence only contributes to the confusion. more

  • 42
    Entertainment Weekly - by Keith Staskiewicz
    The film tries to paint in shades of gray with vague criticisms of the war on drugs, but the absurdity of its he-man Everyman plot ends up turning its moral palette a muddy brown. more

  • 40
    New Orleans Times-Picayune - by Mike Scott
    This is the sort of movie that Charles Bronson would have made back in the day, and indeed a shot of Johnson standing in a sporting goods store, contemplating a wall of shotguns as he gets ready to get busy, could have come from any "Death Wish." more

  • 40
    Los Angeles Times - by Betsy Sharkey
    All the talking would be fine, but the dialogue is preachy, the drama too earnest and the action kind of sluggish, though it's hard not to get a jolt when Johnson jumps behind the wheel. more

  • 40
    New York Daily News - by Joe Neumaier
    Snitch is like watching an elephant on ice: inelegant, but you admire the effort. more

  • 30
    Village Voice - by Melissa Anderson
    Though Snitch loudly announces itself as a social-issues movie, its nominal outrage over the severity of our nation's sentencing laws for first-time drug offenders is quickly subsumed by a jacked-up narrative of a father going to extremes to save his son. more

  • 25
    The Playlist - by Drew Taylor
    Snitch is just a big, dumb, ugly-looking waste of time, one that turns one of cinema's most charismatic heroes into a restless drone. As they say in the joint: snitches get stitches. But Snitch deserves to be put down for good. more

  • 25
    Slant Magazine - by Calum Marsh
    Snitch is the latest in a long line of films whose sole purpose is to flatten a major social problem into a pulp ideal for self-serious spectacle. ...

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