The history of Sound City and their huge recording device; exploring how digital change has allowed ‘people that have no place’ in music to become stars. It follows former Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighter David Grohl as he attempts to resurrect the studio back to former glories.









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Release date: Jan 31, 2013
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Runtime: 108 min
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    Arizona Republic - by Bill Goodykoontz
    Sound City is a music geek's dream, a rollicking look at a dumpy California studio where a lot of musicians found magic. It's also a bit of a mess, like all good rock and roll ought to be. ...

  • 80
    The New York Times - by Neil Genzlinger
    [Grohl] shows a decent grasp of how to pace a documentary and how to push nostalgia buttons, avoiding the marsh of smarminess most - though not quite all - of the time. ...

  • 80
    Time Out New York - by Joshua Rothkopf
    For a movie that's essentially about a piece of hardware-the legendary Neve mixing console, an imposing slab of knobs and meters - this geeked-out documentary beats with more heart than could be imagined. more

  • 80
    The Hollywood Reporter - by David Rooney
    Dave Grohl has more than clout in his corner in his terrifically entertaining documentary Sound City. He brings elements that can't be faked -- passion and heart -- to this lovingly assembled insider account of what it feels like to make real handcrafted rock music. more

  • 70
    NPR - by Ian Buckwalter
    Grohl's jovial presence is the hook; playing interviewer and emcee as well as director, he's the catchy bit you welcome every time it returns. The star-studded interview list provides much of the personality and attitude, as does a fantastically tense behind-the-scenes video of Petty and his band laboring long hours to craft their breakthrough record. more

  • 70
    Village Voice - by Alan Scherstuhl
    Dave Grohl's Sound City is an exciting, sometime illuminating documentary about how a squad of technicians and engineers in a hole-in-the-Valley music studio helped great rock 'n' rollers make great rock 'n' roll. more

  • 67 - by William Goss
    We’re given fairly straightforward talking-head accounts complemented with an increasing amount of archival material as the narrative progresses further towards the present, all coated in a VH1-suited slickness that belies the reported funk of the studio itself. Fortunately, that slickness is in service of tales from some substantial musicians. more

  • 63
    Slant Magazine - by Ted Scheinman
    Given Dave Grohl's reputation for versatility and good taste, the film's sturdy sense of forward motion may come as no surprise. more

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  1. Liana Shimunova

    An infectious appreciation for rock and roll lingers past the somewhat self-satisfied finale.