A clown comes back from the dead for revenge on those who took his life during a fatal party prank gone bad.









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Release date: Apr 1, 2013
MPAA rating: Rated R for strong bloody violence and gore, sexual content, language, drug and alcohol use - all involving teens
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Runtime: 86 min
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    1. parastoned

      I have to admit, I never had heard of the comedian Ross Noble before I watched this movie. And I wouldn’t have been that intrigued by him, if I hadn’t seen him perform live. Actually that means he opened the Frightfest and introduced Stitches a day later to the audience. The fact that he was talking about his movie made me believe he was the director. He got me fooled (met the real director too, a really nice guy) and maybe some others too. But back to this movie, that is a real fun little horror movie, that plays with the fear of clowns. Some have a real phobia, those shouldn’t watch this movie of course. Or if you are easily offended (be it by violence or nonpolitical correctness) – don’t watch. Everyone else: Jump on the the train and have fun during the trip.

    2. phillyhoney

      ive seen so many clown movies and this has to be the best clown movie ever in my opinion !! …. 5 stars !!!

    3. ivychiew263

      5/5 from me. Violent and gory. With some sick twist of humor too. "How many lives a cat has" had me taken aback. What a twist of violence. "Using the small tricycle to catch up with the teens" had me chuckling! I have never heard of Ross Noble before this. Wow! Honestly, I think he is an under-rated actor.

    4. MasterBaker15

      Good one time watch! Acting and picture quality was really good, 4 / 5!