Determined to restore her dying father’s reputation, Ana travels to the remote town of Rosales. Decades ago, he settled there and opened his first free clinic for cancer research. He launched an illustrious medical career – and fell in love. Ana plans to celebrate her father’s scientific and humanitarian achievements by transforming the old family mansion into a world-class museum. She will preserve his legacy, and also breathe new life into the forgotten Rosales. But the townspeople-now destitute and helpless-do not greet her warmly. Neither does the house.









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  1. Makaveli_01

    The storyline of this movie is amazing! The cast I find is brilliant and I like that its background is real and not CGI like other movies of today. But unfortunately I was a little disappointed, due to the hype that it received before its release I half expected a masterpiece in action cinema. Like another review says if you like the WWF you may like this movie, on the other hand if you’ve already read the synopsis, you may end it unsatisfied.

  2. mervin_p

    Some of the other comments are way too harsh. This movie isn’t trying to be the next Fletch Lives. Don’t take this movie too seriously and it’s mildly entertaining. The fight scenes are too choppy and tough to see and the plot is predictable, but Steve Austin is good. He has the same deadpan expression and delivery throughout and it works. The rest of the cast pretty much phones it in. A lot of these actors look familiar. Like you have seen them before, but you can’t quite place them. If you like WWF, then you will probably be satisfied. I saw an afternoon show with about 15 other people and only a couple were asleep at the end. Better than Marie Antoinette.

  3. raidmar

    badass/kickass,can’t get bored watching this.10/10

  4. sharathpower

    This was my movie after i watched the movie "The Tournament".. Though the concept seems to be relative, condemned has a whole new prospect of story… The idea of dropping the criminals in the island and make them to fight for their lives has worked out wonderfully…. The acting of Steve is not bad and in my opinion he would have done better… The action scenes are well carried out throughout the movie and action lovers will love it for sure… Overall, a good movie worth a watch…. :)

  5. Maritime_Girl

    good movie,especially the end 4/5