A misfit snail with a need for speed strives to earn a slot in the Indy 500 in this adrenaline-charged adventure for the entire family. Turbo (voice of Ryan Reynolds) may live life at a snail’s pace, but his dreams charge along at light speed. Whenever Turbo closes his eyes, he sees himself zooming past the checkered flag at the Indianapolis 500, and leaving all of his competitors in the dust.









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Release date: Jul 17, 2013
MPAA rating: Rated PG for some mild action and thematic elements
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Runtime: 96 min
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  • 75
    Chicago Sun-Times - by Nell Minow
    The movie gets a bit slow, with too much time spent on the human characters, who are dreary and underwritten, compared to the big dreams of the little snail. But the film picks up when the racing snails come back onscreen, thanks to the adorable character design, with expressive use of those googly eyes, and especially to the voice talent. more

  • 75
    New York Post - by Lou Lumenick
    A fresh, fast and funny little fable. more

  • 75
    Entertainment Weekly - by Chris Nashawaty
    While there's no denying that the film is a harmless, wholesome, and heart-warming ride crafted with polish and skill, it's also so predictable that you'll see every twist in the story driving down Fifth Avenue. more

  • 70
    New York Magazine (Vulture) - by Bilge Ebiri
    In the end, Turbo is an unambitious movie about a very ambitious character, but it has an infectious sense of fun. Don’t expect too much from it, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. more

  • 70
    Los Angeles Times - by Betsy Sharkey
    A series of strong emotional crosscurrents tied to the notion of winning and losing are in the hands of a very eclectic and capable cast. more

  • 70
    Variety - by Peter Debruge
    Here, the laughs come not from the silly voices but a blend of snappy editing and clever character bits, including a recurring joke about an inappropriately named sidekick who calls himself White Shadow (Michael Patrick Bell). more

  • 67
    Austin Chronicle - by Marjorie Baumgarten
    By the time Turbo reaches the finish line, this new iteration of the fable about pursuing one’s dreams no matter how unlikely they seem joins the winner’s circle without quite nabbing the trophy. more

  • 67
    The A.V. Club - by A.A. Dowd
    For all its chronic familiarity, the movie has its minor pleasures, many of them visual. Though at this point it's basically a given that a new studio-animated movie will look good, Turbo often looks downright exceptional. more

  • 63 - by Matt Zoller Seitz
    Turbo is just strange and lively enough to make you wish it were better. more

  • 63
    USA Today - by Claudia Puig
    Has some appealing characters, a few laughs and then devolves into a predictable Tortoise and the Hare spinoff. more

  • 63
    Washington Post - by Jen Chaney
    A derivative but nevertheless good-hearted movie that’s peppered with enough clever touches to engage adults as well as moviegoers of the smaller, squirmier variety. more

  • 63
    Boston Globe - by Tom Russo
    Turbo makes an entertaining go of it by borrowing very liberally from the “Fast & Furious” franchise — Michelle Rodriguez even voices a character — and sticking a slime trail onto “Rocky” for the rest. more

  • 63
    Movie Nation - by Roger Moore
    While small children may be enchanted by this little gastropod that could, adults will be more sorely tested. For all the horsepower Turbo boasts about, the movie tends toward the sluggish — as in slow as a slug. more

  • 63
    Slant Magazine - by R. Kurt Osenlund
    As a film about social issues, and simply being yourself, it's commendably progressive, going so far as serving as a kind of coming-out story. more

  • 60
    Arizona Republic - by Bill Goodykoontz
    Competent, pretty funny in places, awfully nice to look at, that sort of thing. There’s just not a lot of excitement, though. ...

  • 50
    Philadelphia Inquirer - by David Hiltbrand
    Let's face it: Kids aren't a very demanding audience. If there's color, movement, and a high quotient of silliness, they're happy. more

  • 50
    Tampa Bay Times - by Steve Persall
    This is such a generic endeavor — not a poor effort, just one that doesn't attempt to do anything besides splash a screen with color and movement. more

  • 50
    The New York Times - by A.O. Scott
    It is interesting to note that a movie strenuously preaching the virtue of being different should be so fundamentally — so deliberately, so timidly — just like everything else of its kind... Still, even in the absence of originality, there is fun to be had, thanks to some loopy, clever jokes...and a lively celebrity voice cast. ...

  • 50
    The Hollywood Reporter - by Todd McCarthy
    An attractively designed but narratively challenged, one-note film. more

  • 40
    Village Voice - by Nick Schager
    Content to be merely cheerfully clichéd, it's an assembly-line kids' film that, unlike its daring protagonist, risks little, and thus reaps only modest rewards. more

  • 40
    Time Out New York - by David Fear
    All Turbo does is give Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Samuel L. Jackson and Snoop Dogg the easiest paychecks they’ll ever make, and its corporate overlords the chance to sell a few toys. more

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  1. A derivative but nevertheless good-hearted movie that’s peppered with enough clever touches to engage adults as well as moviegoers of the smaller, squirmier variety.