A ‘Weird Science’ Remake is in the Works From ’21 Jump Street’ Writer

Posted April 18, 2013 by Rick in Movie News

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Hollywood is just loving the idea of remakes this year for some reason. If you grew up in the 80′s then youll know exactly what we are talking about. According to Jeff Sneider, Weird Science, the 1985 classic comedy is in development at Paramount with screenwriter Michael Bacall. He has been hired to update the draft of the script. Bacall has screenwrote movies such as Project X and 21 Jump Street.

The original Weird Science was directed and written by the deceased John Hughes. This film starred Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell Smith. They played high school classmates who were social misfits, basically nerds. They used the computer to create what they thought was a dream girl, this girl that they created helps them overcome their lack of popularity. This dream girl is played by Kelly LeBrock.

The plans for this comedy is to remake it as if it were an “edgier rated-R comedy” that will be sort of like The Hangover. The hiring of Bacall to write seems like a good step to take. It seems like a good step only because he did a very good job turning the 80′s property into last years 21 Jump Street. Hopefully he can work his magic here too.