Aaron Taylor-Johnson talks Godzilla

Posted July 16, 2013 by Rick in Movie News
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In issue 209 of Total Film magazine, we catch up with Aaron Taylor-Johnson to talk about two particularly exciting projects on his horizon: returning to the Kick-Ass franchise and starring in the Godzilla reboot from Gareth Monsters Edwards. You can read the full feature inside the issue – a Wolverine-fronted X-Men special – which is available for just £1.99 on your iPad in our incredible interactive edition. But, here’s a snippet of what Taylor-Johnson had to say about his role in the new movie and its take on Japan’s most famous Kaiju… “The Godzilla crew is such a small group of people that it feels more like an independent movie than anything that I’ve worked on. I’ve been pushed pretty hard through some emotional scenes – and my character goes through a lot. “I play a lieutenant in the Navy. There’s an etiquette for guys in the military, so there was training for that; how to hold guns and how to run and how to talk to other officers. I love all that.” For much more from Taylor-Johnson, pick up issue 209 of Total Film magazine, which is out now! Read a full preview of Total Film magazine issue 209 Subscribe to Total Film magazine now! Get the Total Film interactive iPad edition for just £1.99! Android users: Get Total Film magazine from Google Play!

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