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The Other Woman

The Other Women Know How to do it, just as shady as their man does

This April, 20th Century Fox brings to the world a new movie, The Other Woman. It is written by Melissa Stack and directed by the very famous Nick Cas...

Posted: 6 months ago



The Grand Budapest Hotel is a movie of contrasts

You know a movie is really good when only watching its trailer can give you an incredible desire to know it all. That’s the kind of feeling I got wh...

Posted: 8 months ago



The Monuments men: the ones who stole the stolen and defended the past

The new movie “The Monuments Men” premiered this February and is a total success. Created and produced by Columbia Pictures together with Smokehou...

Posted: 8 months ago



Starred Up Movie Review

Sometimes, when you have no bright and happy moments in life, when you don’t know what love and care are, when all you have seen in your life ar...

Posted: 8 months ago


Mr Peabody & Sherman

Not where Sherman, When?

The new animated comedy “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” hits the cinemas this March. It is created by DreamWorks Animation in collaboration with the d...

Posted: 8 months ago


Goal - Dream Begins

Top 10 Soccer Movies Of All Time

Title: Top 10 Soccer Movies Of All Time It’s beginning to seem as if everywhere we look, there’s hype and excitement building for the 2014...

Posted: 9 months ago



Devil’s Due Movie Release

Devil’s Due Movie Release   Everybody knows that joking with supreme forces may lead to unpredictable after-effects in any case, because it can...

Posted: 9 months ago


Image tom-cruise-departs-magnificent-seven-remake-151966-a-1388133546-470-75.jpg

Tom Cruise departs Magnificent Seven remake

MGM’s proposed remake of The Magnificent Seven is undergoing some major restructuring, with Tom Cruise dropping out of the leading role. Cruise’...

Posted: 10 months ago


Image first-look-at-benedict-cumberbatch-as-alan-turing-151968-a-1388134348-470-75.jpg

First look at Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing

The first still has appeared online from The Imitation Game, giving us a first glimpse of Benedict Cumberbatch as mathematician Alan Turing. The ima...

Posted: 10 months ago


Image get-ready-for-sherlock-s-return-with-a-new-mini-episode-watch-now-151971-a-1388135731-470-75.jpg

Get ready for Sherlock’s return with a new mini-episode: watch now

With Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes set to rise from the grave on New Year’s Day, the BBC has provided an additional treat for fans, with...

Posted: 10 months ago


Image keanu-reeves-rules-out-appearing-in-point-break-remake-151973-a-1388136876-470-75.jpg

Keanu Reeves rules out appearing in Point Break remake

Keanu Reeves has been asked whether he would consider appearing in the proposed Point Break remake, and has made his feelings on the matter perfectly...

Posted: 10 months ago


Image gal-gadot-responds-to-criticism-over-wonder-woman-casting-151963-a-1388132521-470-75.jpg

Gal Gadot responds to criticism over Wonder Woman casting

Gal Gadot has been discussing the reaction to her casting as Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman, and describes herself as “the Won...

Posted: 10 months ago


Image ben-affleck-stars-in-first-gone-girl-image-152205-a-1388399687-470-75.jpg

Ben Affleck stars in first Gone Girl image

20th Century Fox has released the first image from David Fincher's new thriller, Gone Girl. The picture stars leading man Ben Affleck and the first p...

Posted: 10 months ago


Image felicity-jones-will-wear-a-costume-in-the-amazing-spider-man-2-152206-a-1388399931-470-75.jpg

Felicity Jones will wear a costume in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Felicity Jones has long been thought to be playing Felicia Hardy - also known as anti-hero Black Cat - in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. And while confir...

Posted: 10 months ago


Image clash-of-the-titans-3-not-planned-152212-a-1388401927-470-75.jpg

Clash of the Titans 3 not planned

If you're looking forward to a third outing of Sam Worthington's mythological beastie-bashing action series, you could be disappointed. The producer ...

Posted: 10 months ago


Image new-trailer-for-disney-s-frozen-watch-now-145446-a-1380215541-470-75.jpg

Disney’s Frozen passes $500m milestone worldwide

Fans of Frozen will be pleased to hear that Disney's snowy song'n'dance adventure has already earned over a whopping $500m at the box office. That me...

Posted: 10 months ago


Image the-wolf-of-wall-street-10969-p-1386954788-470-75.jpg

Leonardo DiCaprio defends The Wolf of Wall Street

The controversy around Martin Scorsese's latest The Wolf of Wall Street continues to rumble on. Leading man Leonardo DiCaprio has spoken out in favou...

Posted: 10 months ago


Image first-official-guardians-of-the-galaxy-image-revealed-152378-a-1388583445-470-75.jpg

First official Guardians of the Galaxy image revealed

  (Click on the above for a bigger, higher-res version) Well here's a rather brilliant surprise to kickstart 2014. Disney have revealed the first off...

Posted: 10 months ago


Image exclusive-clip-from-paranormal-activity-the-marked-ones-watch-now-151750-a-1387813173-470-75.jpg

Exclusive clip from Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones: watch now

The next entry in the Paranormal Activity franchise – Parnormal Activity: The Marked Ones – is out in cinemas today, and we've landed an exclusiv...

Posted: 10 months ago



Encouraging Movie Review

Encouraging movie review              Sometimes your life is empty and colourless, it can last a small part of time or take years of your ...

Posted: 10 months ago