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Image chris-pratt-wanted-for-leading-role-in-jurassic-world-148604-a-1384413843-470-75.jpg

Chris Pratt wanted for leading role in Jurassic World

More casting rumours from Isla Nublar this morning, with Chris Pratt supposedly on Universal’s hitlist for Jurassic World. With Guardians Of The G...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image jennifer-lawrence-talks-mystique-in-days-of-future-past-148605-a-1384414809-470-75.jpg

Jennifer Lawrence talks Mystique in Days Of Future Past

While much of the excitement surrounding X-Men: Days Of Future Past has revolved around the notion of Magneto and Xavier conversing with their younge...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image mission-impossible-5-gets-new-2015-release-date-148606-a-1384415642-470-75.jpg

Mission: Impossible 5 gets new 2015 release date

Fans of Ethan Hunt’s particular brand of daredevilry will have an extra present to unwrap on Christmas 2015, with Mission: Impossible 5 slated for ...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image russell-crowe-stars-in-first-trailer-for-darren-aronofsky-s-noah-watch-now-148607-a-1384416423-470-75.jpg

Russell Crowe stars in first trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s Noah: watch now

The first trailer has arrived online for Darren Aronofsky’s biblical epic, Noah, in which Russell Crowe stars as the titular ark-builder, facing th...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image what-is-your-favourite-film-of-2013-so-far-148626-a-1384445328-470-75.jpg

What is your favourite film of 2013 so far?

We want you to tell us your favourite films of 2013 so far. Did you feel the pull of Gravity? Seduced by Don Jon? Roar with laughter at Monsters Uni...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image nick-frost-stars-in-first-trailer-for-cuban-fury-watch-now-148814-a-1384498284-470-75.jpg

Nick Frost stars in first trailer for Cuban Fury: watch now

The first trailer has arrived for dancefloor comedy Cuban Fury, in which Nick Frost’s underdog hero decides to stop coasting through life and reign...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image hugh-jackman-talks-wolverine-sequel-148815-a-1384498973-470-75.jpg

Hugh Jackman talks Wolverine sequel

Last week we heard that Fox are keen to press forward with a sequel to The Wolverine, and now Hugh Jackman has spoken about the discussions he’s ha...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image new-clip-and-tv-spot-for-the-hunger-games-catching-fire-watch-now-148817-a-1384500012-470-75.jpg

New clips and TV spot for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: watch now

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has released new clips and TV spot online, revealing a little more of Katniss’s ongoing trials with the Capitol. T...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image first-on-set-image-arrives-from-star-wars-episode-vii-148820-a-1384501304-470-75.jpg

First behind the scenes image arrives from Star Wars: Episode VII

The first behind the scenes image has arrived online from Star Wars: Episode VII, featuring a number of the production team alongside a familiar figu...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image robert-de-niro-talks-taxi-driver-sequel-148821-a-1384507829-470-75.jpg

Robert De Niro talks Taxi Driver sequel

While a Taxi Driver sequel has oft been mooted over the years, it has never looked as though it might really come to fruition. However, it is a prosp...

Posted: 1 year ago



Jaimie Alexander talks Sif and Wonder Woman

Jamie Alexander has been discussing her role in recent super sequel Thor: The Dark World, before also hinting at an interest in a prospective Wonder ...

Posted: 1 year ago



Exclusive Anchorman 2 Character Posters

  In case you hadn't heard, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is coming soon. And it's kind of a big deal. So big, in fact, that we've got our hands ...

Posted: 1 year ago



New full-length trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation

The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug has released a new full-length trailer online, showing off the full epic scope of the latest episode of Bilbo's a...

Posted: 1 year ago



RoboCop releases new character images

RoboCop has released a batch of new character images online, ahead of an official trailer launch later this week. The new images show off a clutch o...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image three-new-images-from-jack-ryan-shadow-recruit-147909-a-1383637432-470-75.jpg

Three new images from Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

A trio of new images have arrived online from Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, showing Chris Pine's titular hero taking care of some business. The new ima...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image samuel-l-jackson-signs-on-for-stephen-kings-cell-147910-a-1383638810-470-75.jpg

Samuel L. Jackson signs on for Stephen King’s Cell

Samuel L. Jackson has signed on for the latest Stephen King adaptation making its way to the big screen, with Variety reporting the actor will star o...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image benedict-cumberbatch-and-martin-freeman-star-in-new-sherlock-image-147911-a-1383645906-470-75.jpg

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman star in new Sherlock image

The first official image has arrived online from the new series of Sherlock, featuring returning stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. The ...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image hugh-jackman-and-james-mangold-sizing-up-a-wolverine-sequel-147959-a-1383664816-470-75.jpg

Hugh Jackman and James Mangold sizing up a Wolverine sequel

Hugh Jackman might be approaching his seventh big-screen outing (counting that cameo) as Wolverine in X-Men: Days Of Future Past, but it looks as tho...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image jon-favreau-in-discussions-to-direct-disney-s-the-jungle-book-148029-a-1383722097-470-75.jpg

Jon Favreau in discussions to direct Disney’s The Jungle Book

Disney’s latest take on Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book looks set to bag itself a director, with Deadline reporting that Jon Favreau is current...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image lionsgate-currently-working-on-saw-8-148030-a-1383723364-470-75.jpg

Lionsgate currently working on Saw 8

Halloween might have been and gone, but it looks like Lionsgate has one more grisly trick up its sleeve with the news that the studio is keen on an e...

Posted: 1 year ago