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Image woman-in-black-angel-of-death-producer-talks-expanding-the-franchise-151467-a-1387377735-470-75.jpg

The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death producer talks expanding the franchise

In issue 215 of Total Film magazine, Hammer CEO Simon Oakes tells us what we should expect from horror sequel The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death. Ins...

Posted: 11 months ago


Image first-tv-spot-arrives-for-jack-ryan-shadow-recruit-watch-now-151745-a-1387790775-470-75.jpg

First TV spot arrives for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit: watch now

The first TV spot has arrived online for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, starring Chris Pine as the titular hero who finds himself involved in a financial...

Posted: 11 months ago


Image exclusive-the-way-way-back-deleted-scene-151746-a-1387795324-470-75.jpg

Exclusive The Way Way Back deleted scene

Coming-of-age comedy The Way Way Back cropped up on a lot of Total Film's Top 10 of 2013 lists, which means we're super excited to have landed this e...

Posted: 11 months ago


Image arnold-schwarzenegger-stars-in-new-trailer-for-sabotage-watch-now-151742-a-1387788135-470-75.jpg

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in new trailer for Sabotage: watch now

A new trailer has arrive online for Sabotage, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger’s team of DEA badasses find themselves being stalked by an unseen assa...

Posted: 11 months ago


Image marvel-confirms-vin-diesel-as-groot-151738-a-1387785906-470-75.jpg

Marvel confirms Vin Diesel as Groot

It’s been an open secret for months that Vin Diesel would be part of Guardians Of The Galaxy, (thanks largely to Diesel’s big mouth) and Marvel h...

Posted: 11 months ago


Image johnny-depp-stars-in-first-full-trailer-for-transcendence-watch-now-151740-a-1387787193-470-75.jpg

Johnny Depp stars in first full trailer for Transcendence: watch now

The first full trailer has arrived online for Transcendence, Wally Pfister’s directorial debut, in which Johnny Depp strives to demonstrate the ful...

Posted: 11 months ago


Image fast-and-furious-7-moved-back-to-april-2015-151743-a-1387789579-470-75.jpg

Fast And Furious 7 moved back to April 2015

The tragic death of Paul Walker had seemed to have put Fast And Furious 7 on hold indefinitely, but Vin Diesel has announced a new release date for t...

Posted: 11 months ago


Image exclusive-iron-man-3-clip-tony-meets-the-kid-134314-a-1368030818-470-75.jpg

The Top 10 highest-grossing films of 2013 revealed

Iron Man's latest big-screen outing is officially the highest-grossing film of 2013. Now that the year's coming to a close, the official top 10 money...

Posted: 11 months ago


Image kevin-costner-stars-in-first-trailer-for-draft-day-watch-now-151785-a-1387873325-470-75.jpg

Kevin Costner stars in first trailer for Draft Day: watch now

The first trailer for Draft Day has arrived online, in which Kevin Costner sets about trying to revive the Cleveland Browns with some expert wheeler-...

Posted: 11 months ago


Image new-trailer-for-the-monuments-men-arrives-online-watch-now-151787-a-1387874167-470-75.jpg

New trailer for The Monuments Men arrives online: watch now

A new trailer has appeared online for The Monuments Men, introducing the team and their mission to “save art, beat the Nazis”. The new trailer i...

Posted: 11 months ago


Image martin-scorsese-heckled-at-academy-screening-151788-a-1387875263-470-75.jpg

Martin Scorsese heckled at Academy screening

The Wolf Of Wall Street might be earning rave reviews from critics on both sides of the pond, but it was less well received at a recent Academy scree...

Posted: 11 months ago


Image italian-posters-for-12-years-a-slave-criticised-151789-a-1387876432-470-75.jpg

Italian posters for 12 Years A Slave criticised

A series of Italian posters for 12 Years A Slave have been roundly criticised for appearing to focus upon the film’s white cast members. A poster ...

Posted: 11 months ago


Image the-raid-2-gets-a-new-release-date-151790-a-1387877373-470-75.jpg

The Raid 2 gets a new release date

The Raid 2 has announced a brand new release date, with Gareth Evans’ much-anticipated sequel set to open in the US on 28 March 2014. The film wil...

Posted: 11 months ago


Image ryse-son-of-rome-video-151551-a-1387455088-470-75.jpg

VIDEO: Ryse: Son Of Rome

Every console launch needs its own spectacular exclusive and Xbox One's Ryse: Son Of Rome provides exactly that – it’s a stunning spectacle and c...

Posted: 11 months ago


Image ellen-degeneres-stars-in-first-trailer-for-the-oscars-2014-151680-a-1387560489-470-75.jpg

Ellen DeGeneres stars in first trailer for the Oscars 2014

Ellen DeGeneres has pulled on her dancing shoes to star in the funky first trailer for the Oscars 2014. Directed by Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat)...

Posted: 11 months ago


Image anna-paquins-rogue-cut-from-x-men-days-of-future-past-151697-a-1387632295-470-75.jpg

Anna Paquin’s Rogue cut from X-Men: Days of Future Past

Fans of X-Men's Rogue are in for a shock. Bryan Singer has revealed that he has had to cut the character's appearance out of his forthcoming mega-mut...

Posted: 11 months ago


Image scarlet-johansson-reveals-she-was-unsure-about-avengers-151474-a-1387381890-470-75.jpg

Scarlet Johansson reveals she was unsure about making Avengers

In issue 215 of Total Film magazine, Scarlett Johansson tells us that she was initially unsure about making Avengers Assemble because it seemed like ...

Posted: 11 months ago


Image paul-rudd-in-talks-to-play-ant-man-151537-a-1387437601-470-75.jpg

Paul Rudd in talks to play Ant-Man

Paul Rudd is reportedly in talks with Marvel to star as Hank Pym in Ant-Man, Edgar Wright’s long-gestating comic-book adaptation. The Wrap is repo...

Posted: 11 months ago


Image brilliant-new-poster-arrives-for-the-grand-budapest-hotel-151538-a-1387438468-470-75.jpg

Brilliant new poster arrives for The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson’s next film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, has released a brilliant new poster online showing off its staggering cast in all its glory. T...

Posted: 11 months ago


Image patrick-stewart-and-ian-mckellen-talk-x-men-151539-a-1387439498-470-75.jpg

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen talk X-Men

Long-term pals and co-stars Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen have been discussing their return to X-Men: Days Of Future Past, and their experiences w...

Posted: 11 months ago