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Image world-exclusive-new-poster-for-the-counsellor-144467-a-1378966846-470-75.jpg

World exclusive: new poster for The Counsellor

We've got a world exclusive for you this morning, with the reveal of a brand new poster for Ridley Scott's forthcoming thriller, The Counsellor. The...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image new-tv-spot-floats-online-for-gravity-watch-now-144473-a-1378975825-470-75.jpg

New TV spot floats online for Gravity: watch now

  Gravity has released a new TV spot online, featuring a few new snippets of footage from Alfonso Cuarón’s space-set nerve-shredder.   The film ...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image warner-bros-expanding-harry-potter-world-with-newt-scamander-film-scripted-by-j-k-rowling-144484-a-1378994062-470-75.jpg

Warner Bros expanding Harry Potter world with Fantastic Beasts film scripted by J.K. Rowling

Warner Bros has announced that the wider world of Harry Potter will be expanded in a new project that’s neither prequel or sequel. Instead, the fi...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image exclusive-thor-the-dark-world-odin-poster-144495-a-1379004489-470-75.jpg

Exclusive Thor: The Dark World Odin Poster

We've got our hands on a UK exclusive character poster for Thor: The Dark World, and we're sure you'll agree - it's awesome. We're definitely getting...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image jason-statham-takes-on-james-franco-in-new-trailer-for-homefront-watch-now-144510-a-1379055532-470-75.jpg

Jason Statham takes on James Franco in new trailer for Homefront: watch now

The first trailer has landed online for action thriller Homefront, in which Jason Statham’s DEA agent finds himself menaced by James Franco’s met...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image it-s-stallone-vs-de-niro-in-first-trailer-for-grudge-match-watch-now-144506-a-1379052554-470-75.jpg

It’s Stallone vs. De Niro in first trailer for Grudge Match: watch now

The first trailer has arrived online for boxing comedy Grudge Match, in which Sly Stallone and Robert De Niro’s retired pugilists reheat a decades-...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image new-robocop-poster-shows-off-the-new-suit-144508-a-1379053688-470-75.jpg

New RoboCop poster shows off the new suit

José Padilha’s RoboCop remake has released a shiny new poster online, showing off the titular law-enforcer’s brand new suit in all its glory. S...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image warner-ceo-talks-up-ben-affleck-as-batman-144509-a-1379054654-470-75.jpg

Warner CEO talks up Ben Affleck as Batman

Warner CEO Kevin Tsujihara has been talking about the recent announcement of Ben Affleck as the studio’s new Batman, and has dropped a few hints ab...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image minimal-movie-posters-spring-breakers-oblivion-144476-a-1378983908-470-75.jpg

Minimal Movie Posters: Spring Breakers & Oblivion

Here at Total Film, we like to get behind fresh, upcoming and bold artistic voices. Which is why we're proud to announce a weekly collaboration with ...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image star-wars-spin-offs-will-be-origin-stories-144549-a-1379061863-470-75.jpg

Star Wars spin-offs will be origin stories

  It’s all gone a bit quiet on the Star Wars front of late, but Disney’s Chief Financial Officer Jay Rasulo has dropped a brief hint regarding t...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image channing-tatum-on-playing-x-mens-gambit-144558-a-1379066739-470-75.jpg

Channing Tatum on playing X-Men’s Gambit

Channing Tatum may not have got his movie superhero on just yet, but it's clear there's one character he'd love to play. In a chat about his and Jami...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image exclusive-carrie-featurette-dont-go-to-prom-144601-a-1379086129-470-75.jpg

Exclusive Carrie Featurette: ‘Don’t go to Prom’

This year's forthcoming Carrie remake was always going to be eagerly awaited. And now that we've got our hands on an exclusive new featurette - stuf...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image david-o-russell-talks-bradley-coopers-american-hustle-transformation-144600-a-1379085133-470-75.jpg

David O. Russell talks Bradley Cooper’s American Hustle transformation

In issue 211 of Total Film magazine - the cool issue - we bring you a plethora of incredible exclusives from the 10 coolest movies being made right n...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image world-of-warcraft-to-begin-shooting-in-january-143675-a-1377759397-470-75.jpg

World Of Warcraft to begin shooting in January

Duncan Jones’ World Of Warcraft adaptation is set to begin filming in the new year, with Production Weekly reporting an official start date for the...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image gravity-reaction-venice-film-festival-2013-143686-a-1377769878-470-75.jpg

Gravity Reaction: Venice Film Festival 2013

You could almost sense the excitement building for Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, the opening movie of this year’s Venice Film Festival.   The 25 mi...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image ben-wheatley-to-direct-jg-ballards-high-rise-143688-a-1377772744-470-75.jpg

Ben Wheatley to direct JG Ballard’s High-Rise

Total Film favourite Ben Wheatley is to direct an adaptation of JG Ballard's High-Rise. If you've read the book, this is absolutely the most exciting...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image youre-next-10772-p-1377165550-471-75.jpg

Exclusive You’re Next ‘Movie Death’ Infographic

You're Next is being roundly and rightly celebrated for its subversive horror smarts and inventive and gruesome deaths. So it seems only right that o...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image james-spader-will-play-ultron-in-avengers-2-143713-a-1377789855-470-75.jpg

James Spader will play Ultron In Avengers 2

Joss Whedon and Marvel have quickly refuted the rumours flying around the internet today concerning the actor who'll be strapping on the Ultron armou...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image first-tv-spot-for-thor-the-dark-world-watch-now-143740-a-1377843373-470-75.jpg

First TV spot for Thor: The Dark World: watch now

Thor: The Dark World has released a first TV spot online, which basically serves as a more concise version of the recent theatrical trailer. There...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image new-featurette-for-riddick-watch-now-143741-a-1377844468-470-75.jpg

New featurette for Riddick: watch now

Riddick has released a new behind the scenes featurette online, featuring a smattering of new footage and interviews with Vin Diesel and director Dav...

Posted: 1 year ago