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Ender’s Game footage reaction: Comic-Con 2013

Harrison Ford came to Comic-Con and everyone went wild. Whether the packed Hall H crowd were there to see brand new, never seen before footage from t...

Posted: 1 year ago


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Divergent footage reaction: Comic-Con 2013

Comic-Con Hall H revealed footage from popular young adult novel and possible pretender to the Hunger Games' throne Divergent to a crowd of excited f...

Posted: 1 year ago


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X-Men: Days Of Future Past reveals first look at the Sentinels: Comic-Con 2013

Fox has yet to conduct its official panel at this year’s Comic-Con, but the more eagle-eyed attendee will already have spotted a new reveal from X-...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image brilliant-new-oldboy-banner-arrives-comic-con-2013-140508-a-1374214418-470-75.jpg

Brilliant new Oldboy banner arrives: Comic-Con 2013

(click image to enlarge) Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake has debuted a stylish new banner at Comic-Con, featuring a lone girl stood below an umbrella in ...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image first-full-trailer-for-mandela-long-walk-to-freedom-watch-now-140510-a-1374215705-470-75.jpg

First full trailer for Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom: watch now

With Nelson Mandela having celebrated his 95th birthday yesterday, the timing seems perfect for the release of the first full trailer for upcoming bi...

Posted: 1 year ago


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Marc Webb discusses Amazing Spider-Man 2 villains: Comic-Con 2013

Marc Webb has been talking about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in advance of Fox’s panel at Comic-Con, with the director revealing a little more about w...

Posted: 1 year ago


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Two new TV spots for Elysium: watch now

Elysium has released a pair of new TV spots online, in which Matt Damon attempts to bridge the gap between two halves of a chronically fragmented soc...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image MandelaLongWalkIdrisfulltrailertsr2.jpg

Watch: Full ‘Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom’ Trailer with Idris Elba

"Something has to change." In the midst of Comic-Con, The Weinstein Company has decided to debut the full-length trailer for Justin Chadwick's Mandel...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image crow-comicconteaserposter-tsr.jpg

Illustrated Comic-Con Teaser Poster for Reboot of ‘The Crow’ Lands

Not every Comic-Con tease is a winner, and this poster calling attention to the beginning of production of The Crow reboot in 2014 seems to be a dud....

Posted: 1 year ago


Image BrittRobertsoncastingTomorrowtsr1.jpg

Britt Robertson Nabs Lead Role in Brad Bird’s Sci-Fi ‘Tomorrowland’

Briefly: We've been following casting and development on Brad Bird's next sci-fi movie Tomorrowland, involving the futuristic area in Disneyland and ...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image Dragons2FirstFlyingTeaserCombotsr.jpg

‘How to Train Your Dragon 2′ Gains Musician Jonsi & More Voice Cast

In 2011, Sigur Ros frontman Jonsi brought his musical talents to the big screen by scoring the sappy but charming family film We Bought a Zoo from di...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image centrifugebrainproject-bigferriswheel-tsr.jpg

Watch: Incredible ‘Centrifuge Brain Project’ Faux Theme Park Ride Doc

A surpisingly cool panel in Hall H at Comic-Con came from Ron Diamond (program curator and president of Acme Filmworks and in the form of Th...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image lastvegas-quartet-lookingdown-tsr.jpg

Freeman, De Niro, Kline & Douglas Go Wild in Full ‘Last Vegas’ Trailer

"I'm gonna find some damn water, then take all my damn pills, and then we gonna get this damn party started." After an entertaining teaser trailer de...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image xmendofp-sentinelpropaganda1-tsr.jpg

First Look: ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Sentinels & Propaganda Posters

Here at Comic-Con, 20th Century Fox has only confirmed that Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and The Wolverine will be part of the big panel in Hall H....

Posted: 1 year ago


Image EndersGameFanExprerienceFronttsr.jpg

Comic-Con 2013: ‘Ender’s Game’ Local Fan Experience Photo Recap

Time to take a trip to Battle School and train with the International Fleet. At Comic-Con this year, Summit arranged and presented the "Ender's Game ...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image CounselorTrailer2PhonemomentFBtsr.jpg

Watch: Another Seductive New Trailer for Ridley Scott’s ‘The Counselor’

"Have you been bad?" Fox has revealed a second teaser trailer for Ridley Scott's The Counselor, the drug drama starring one hell of a cast, including...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image jakegyllenhaal-everest-combo-tsr.jpg

Jake Gyllenhaal Set to Scale ‘Everest’ with Brolin, Clarke & Hawkes

Jake, Josh, Jason and John. No those aren't the names of the most recent boy band to top the charts, but rather the promising cast of Baltasar Kormak...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image first-trailer-for-guillermo-del-toro-s-pacific-rim-watch-now-123570-00-470-75.jpg

Pacific Rim comes third at the weekend box office

Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim opened third at the US box office on its opening weekend, coming in below sequels Despicable Me 2 and Grown Ups 2....

Posted: 1 year ago


Image michael-fassbender-and-chiwetel-ejiofor-star-in-first-trailer-for-12-years-a-slave-watch-now-140046-a-1373955513-470-75.jpg

Michael Fassbender and Chiwetel Ejiofor star in first trailer for 12 Years A Slave: watch now

The first trailer has arrived for 12 Years A Slave, director Steve McQueen’s latest collaboration with Michael Fassbender, and rather wonderful it ...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image fede-alvarez-talks-evil-dead-sequel-140047-a-1373956456-470-75.jpg

Fede Alvarez talks Evil Dead sequel

With his Evil Dead remake soon to hit home-entertainment centres the world over, director Fede Alvarez has been talking about plans for the inevitabl...

Posted: 1 year ago