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Image new-japanese-poster-for-the-wolverine-139188-a-1373002844-470-75.jpg

New Japanese poster for The Wolverine

The Wolverine has released a cool new Japanese poster in which Hugh Jackman can be seen sporting both adamantium and steel weaponry... The new poste...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image new-featurette-for-r-i-p-d-watch-online-now-139189-a-1373003957-470-75.jpg

New featurette for R.I.P.D.: watch now

R.I.P.D. has released a new behind-the-scenes featurette online, in which cast and crew shed a little light on what we can expect from the supernatur...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image bryan-singer-teases-quicksilver-with-new-image-from-x-men-days-of-future-past-139191-a-1373005262-470-75.jpg

Bryan Singer teases Quicksilver with new image from X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Bryan Singer’s latest image from the set of  X-Men: Days Of Future Past has arrived on Twitter, and it teases one of the most recent additions to ...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image brilliant-new-trailer-for-only-god-forgives-arrives-online-139198-a-1373016446-470-75.jpg

Brilliant new trailer for Only God Forgives arrives online: watch now

  Only God Forgives has released a brand new trailer online, in which Ryan Gosling’s boxing club owner sets about looking for a fight.   Gosling ...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image hugh-jackman-talks-the-ultimate-wolverine-139248-a-1373020987-470-75.jpg

Hugh Jackman talks ‘the ultimate Wolverine’

The Wolverine heads up the brand-new issue 209 of Total Film magazine, which features a huge X-Men special. You can read the full feature - and gets...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image kaya-scodelario-responds-to-tomb-raider-rumours-139287-a-1373041776-470-75.jpg

Kaya Scodelario responds to Tomb Raider rumours

We recently caught up with Kaya Scodelario to discuss the return of Skins and her new thriller Emanuel And The Truth About Fishes. During our chat, ...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image ryan-reynolds-updates-on-the-deadpool-movie-139271-a-1373030878-470-75.jpg

Ryan Reynolds updates on the Deadpool movie

In the brand-new issue 209 of Total Film magazine, we celebrate all things X-Men, so it’s fitting that we find time for a chat with Ryan Reynolds, ...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image shane-black-gives-an-update-on-doc-savage-138742-a-1372659406-470-75.jpg

Shane Black gives an update on Doc Savage

Shane Black has given a brief update on his forthcoming adaptation of pulp hero Doc Savage, confirming the film’s ‘30s setting and giving some id...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image joss-whedon-says-quicksilver-and-scarlet-witch-are-key-to-the-avengers-2-138743-a-1372660413-470-75.jpg

Joss Whedon says Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are key to The Avengers 2

Ever since it emerged that the character of Quicksilver had been cast in both The Avengers 2 and X-Men: Days Of Future Past, speculation has been rif...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image rumour-could-hellboy-3-be-happening-with-legendary-138744-a-1372661310-470-75.jpg

Rumour: Could Hellboy 3 be happening with Legendary?

Guillermo del Toro and Hellboy star Ron Perlman recently reunited for Pacific Rim, the giant robots vs giant monsters smackdown that's hitting cinema...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image world-war-z-tops-global-box-office-138745-a-1372662352-470-75.jpg

World War Z tops global box office

World War Z has stormed to the top of the global box office, surpassing all expectations in its first 10 days of release. Having been delayed by mon...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image new-tv-spot-for-the-world-s-end-watch-now-138746-a-1372663196-470-75.jpg

New TV spot for The World’s End: watch now

The World’s End has released a brand new TV spot online, featuring a couple of new snippets of footage from the concluding part of Edgar Wright’s...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image vin-diesel-prepares-for-action-in-a-new-poster-for-riddick-138774-a-1372691795-470-75.jpg

Vin Diesel prepares for action in a new poster for Riddick

Vin Diesel’s Riddick is back for an eponymous third outing, and a new poster’s been released as a reminder. Featuring Diesel crouched down and r...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image see-a-preview-of-the-internship-with-total-film-screening-club-136383-a-1372694372-470-75.jpg

See a preview of The Lone Ranger with Total Film Screening Club

The Total Film Screening Club gives you the chance to see a movie, for free, before it hits cinemas. For a chance of coming along to one of our advan...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image peter-jackson-releases-new-video-diary-from-the-hobbit-watch-now-138799-a-1372746757-470-75.jpg

Peter Jackson releases new video diary from The Hobbit: watch now

Peter Jackson has unveiled another video production diary from The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug, in which he explains that the film will not be ap...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image new-trailer-for-dreamworks-snail-racing-saga-turbo-watch-now-138800-a-1372747605-470-75.jpg

New trailer for Dreamworks’ snail-racing saga Turbo: watch now

Dreamworks has released a new trailer for Turbo, in which Ryan Reynolds' regular garden snail follows his dream of travelling at super-speed. Fortun...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image legendary-boss-cools-talk-of-hellboy-3-138802-a-1372748793-470-75.jpg

Legendary boss discusses possibility of Hellboy 3

Recent comments from Guillermo del Toro and Ron Perlman reignited a spark of hope that fans might one day get to see Hellboy 3, with the possibility ...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image william-fichtner-talks-tmnt-138811-a-1372754762-470-75.jpg

William Fichtner talks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  Having recently been confirmed as primary bad guy Shredder in Jonathan Liebesman’s forthcoming reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, William F...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image christian-bale-rules-himself-out-of-any-justice-league-movie-138798-a-1372745819-470-75.jpg

Christian Bale rules himself out of any Justice League movie

With Man Of Steel running riot at the global box office, a Justice League movie is looking ever more likely to happen. However, the project will have...

Posted: 1 year ago


Image final-trailer-for-pacific-rim-watch-now-138929-a-1372832497-470-75.jpg

Final trailer for Pacific Rim: watch now

Pacific Rim has released a final trailer online in which Idris Elba goes on a recruitment drive as he looks for Jaeger pilots to take the fight to th...

Posted: 1 year ago