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Image christopher-nolans-interstellar-gets-a-new-logo-151008-a-1386835831-470-75.jpg

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar gets a new logo

The promotional push for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar is finally up and running, with the launch of a new logo for the film online. Warner and P...

Posted: 12 months ago


Image rumour-don-cheadle-to-appear-in-the-avengers-age-of-ultron-151108-a-1386917758-470-75.jpg

Rumour: Don Cheadle to appear in The Avengers: Age Of Ultron

The Avengers: Age Of Ultron may be about to pluck another supporting player from one of its subsidiary franchises, with Don Cheadle’s War Machine s...

Posted: 12 months ago


Image johnny-depp-stars-in-first-images-from-transcendence-151109-a-1386918861-470-75.jpg

Johnny Depp stars in first images from Transcendence

The first official images have arrived online for Transcendence, the directorial debut from Wally Pfister, giving us a first look at Johnny Depp and ...

Posted: 12 months ago


Image 12-years-a-slave-and-american-hustle-lead-golden-globes-nominations-151110-a-1386920366-470-75.jpg

12 Years A Slave and American Hustle lead Golden Globes nominations

The Golden Globes have announced the list of nominees ahead of January’s awards ceremony, with 12 Years A Slave and American Hustle currently leadi...

Posted: 12 months ago


Image final-trailer-arrives-for-the-legend-of-hercules-watch-now-151111-a-1386921367-470-75.jpg

Final trailer arrives for The Legend Of Hercules: watch now

The final trailer has arrived for swords and sandals romp The Legend Of Hercules, starring Kellan Lutz at the titular musclebound hero. The new film...

Posted: 12 months ago


Image sony-confirms-venom-and-sinister-six-films-151112-a-1386923734-470-75.jpg

Sony confirms Venom and Sinister Six films

After months of rumours, Sony has finally confirmed that its Spider-Man universe will be extended by standalone films for both Venom and the Sinister...

Posted: 12 months ago


Image new-dragon-centric-tv-spot-for-the-hobbit-the-desolation-of-smaug-watch-now-149102-a-1384933754-470-75.jpg

Watch a live stream of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug’s European premiere

The next best thing to being at the red carpet European premiere of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug? A live stream where you can watch the stars...

Posted: 12 months ago


Image watch-the-first-jupiter-ascending-trailer-150722-a-1386636853-470-75.jpg

Watch the first Jupiter Ascending trailer

The first trailer for the Wachowskis' new sci-fi opus Jupiter Ascending is here. And it's as visually arresting and fantastical as we've come to expe...

Posted: 12 months ago


Image ben-whishaw-confirmed-as-freddie-mercury-in-upcoming-biopic-150748-a-1386659139-470-75.jpg

Ben Whishaw confirmed as Freddie Mercury in upcoming biopic

With Sacha Baron Cohen having dropped out earlier this year, the role of Freddie Mercury in his forthcoming biopic is no longer up for grabs, with Be...

Posted: 12 months ago


Image jason-momoa-in-talks-to-join-batman-vs-superman-150749-a-1386660082-470-75.jpg

Jason Momoa in talks to join Batman Vs. Superman

Jason Momoa could be the latest addition to the Batman Vs. Superman ensemble, with the Game Of Thrones star reportedly close to landing an unspecifie...

Posted: 12 months ago


Image jack-reacher-sequel-moving-forward-with-tom-cruise-150750-a-1386661042-470-75.jpg

Jack Reacher sequel moving forward with Tom Cruise

Despite some lukewarm reviews and a moderate box-office take, Paramount looks to be moving forward with a sequel to 2012 action thriller Jack Reacher...

Posted: 12 months ago


Image terminator-reboot-gets-a-new-title-150751-a-1386661947-470-75.jpg

Terminator reboot gets a new title

Paramount and Annapurna’s 2015 Terminator reboot has been given an official title, with the new film set to go by the name Terminator: Genesis. Th...

Posted: 12 months ago


Image red-band-trailer-for-bad-words-online-watch-150807-a-1386690209-470-75.jpg

Red-band trailer for dark comedy Bad Words online: watch now

A red-band trailer for Jason Bateman's black comedy Bad Words has been unleashed online, and it contains more four-letter words than we can possibly...

Posted: 12 months ago


Image first-trailer-for-godzilla-smashes-its-way-online-watch-now-150752-a-1386662626-470-75.jpg

First trailer for Godzilla smashes its way online: watch now

The first trailer for Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla remake has come stomping online, with the giant lizard more than living up to the director’s descr...

Posted: 12 months ago


Image joel-kinnaman-says-new-robocop-film-will-not-rehash-the-original-150843-a-1386748093-470-75.jpg

Joel Kinnaman says new RoboCop film will not rehash the original

Joel Kinnaman has been talking to SFX about what we can expect from the new RoboCop, and is quick to stress that the film is more than just a retread...

Posted: 12 months ago


Image andrew-garfield-not-looking-beyond-a-third-spider-man-film-150840-a-1386745458-470-75.jpg

Andrew Garfield not looking beyond a third Spider-Man film

Andrew Garfield has been discussing his long-term future as Spider-Man, and seems non-committal over the prospect of continuing the role beyond the t...

Posted: 12 months ago


Image sony-planning-bad-boys-3-150841-a-1386746384-470-75.jpg

Sony planning Bad Boys 3

Sony is looking to breathe new life into the Bad Boys franchise by reviving the mismatched buddy cop dynamic for a third big screen outing. Deadline...

Posted: 12 months ago


Image world-war-z-sequel-gets-a-new-director-150842-a-1386747246-470-75.jpg

World War Z sequel gets a new director

The forthcoming sequel to World War Z has appointed a new director, with The Orphanage’s Juan Antonio Bayona the man to fit the bill. While the se...

Posted: 12 months ago


Image emily-blunt-and-tom-cruise-star-in-new-edge-of-tomorrow-images-150844-a-1386748878-470-75.jpg

Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise star in new Edge Of Tomorrow images

Edge Of Tomorrow has released a pair of new images online, in which Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise prepare for sci-fi combat... The new film (previously...

Posted: 12 months ago


Image exclusive-luke-evans-on-the-crow-reboot-150813-a-1386759321-470-75.jpg

Exclusive: Luke Evans on The Crow reboot

The reboot of The Crow is already one of the most anticipated and yet tentative reboots currently in the works. While the original went on to become ...

Posted: 12 months ago