Channing Tatum Talks Working with Roland Emmerich and Jamie Foxx, Doing His Own Stunts, MAGIC MIKE 2 and More on the Set of WHITE HOUSE DOWN

Posted April 12, 2013 by Rick in Movie News


Channing Tatum has starred in many great movies over the past few years.  He is the right actor for the roles that he played and he’s about to embark on a new phase of his career.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, Tatum will be the future action star and based on Roland Emmerich‘s White House Down, he’s a natural.

Tatum was interviewed and he spoke about his outfit, what it was like to work with Jamie Foxx, Emmerich and his previous works- Magic mike, 21 Jump Street and the status of Magic Mike 2.


Did you ever think you were going to be in this type of movie? Because you started off in a small way and have been billowing up and up and up, and now you’re top-lining an Independence Day type action movie; is that kind of trippy and fun?


Yeah, I think every step of the way is trippy in this. You never think you’re going to be in a love story, you never think you’re going to be in a comedy, you never think anything. I’ve said it before that movies are the highest stakes make-believe game in the world, and this is truly the most highest stakes. It’s unreal how fast this project got going to begin with, and all the people that just jumped on immediately. This movie got its script sold like that [snaps fingers], and then it went into production like that [snaps fingers]. I met Roland two or three days after he decided to take the movie. He had a similar movie, I think, that he was writing and this just sort of came along and he took it over. But I don’t think you can ever plan for anything like this, this is nuts. I’m getting to shoot javelins- not shoot them, but stop people from shooting them, I get shot at the whole way. It’s cool.

Reid and Brad were talking about your chemistry with Jamie being important in this. How did you guys work that out? Because obviously this is a super tight schedule, 14 months from script to release. Talk a little bit about working with Jamie.



Jamie and I got along from jump. Oddly enough we had met for the first time at the Spring/Summer of Sony whatever thing that they have, I don’t understand exactly, but it’s awesome so I’m just like [laughs] “Yeah, I’m going.” I met him on that, he was there for Django and I was there to sell Jump Street. I just met him and he’s maybe one of the single-handedly most talented people I’ve ever met in my entire life. The man can literally do anything. There’s a piano in one of the hallways that leads to the residence in the White House, and in between takes he just over there playing jazz and you’re just like, “Shit”. Then he stands up and he’s Jamie Foxx, kid from Texas, you know, from maybe not the highest class part of town, he’s one of the boys. Then you get him into the scene and he’s the President. It’s incredible to watch him and he’s such a good guy. I’m learning a lot from him as far as even how to just be in this industry. It’s cool, I love him to death. I wish you did get to meet him because it’s pretty funny he looks…you won’t be able to tell exactly what’s different, what he’s done to himself, but it’s pretty interesting.