Check Out These Sweet Replicas of Ripley’s Sneakers From James Cameron’s ‘Aliens’

Posted April 23, 2013 by Rick in Movie News

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Custom footwear brand are bringing back their style to a James Cameron movie for their newest sneaker mash-up. We are not talking about Titanic. The company went in a time machine back to 1986 to the Reebok Stompers that Sigourney Weaver from the movie Aliens wore when she blasted the Alien queen back to space.

These futuristic Reeboks will come out in red, grey and white. They make the perfect space shoe to kick some Xenomorph butt! Did you know that these retro shoes have been the foundation for many other sneaker design that references to sci-fi films of the 1980′s. One of these sneakers being Blade Runner. Another being Indianna Jones. Take a look at these new sneakers and let us know what you think in a comment.