Cine Latino: Sofia Vergara vs. Salma Hayek? Plus, Win Tickets to the ‘Cinco de Mayo’ Premiere

Posted April 25, 2013 by Rick in Movie News


Who’s the Best Latina Actress in Hollywood?

Fandango Cine is currently running a poll on who the best Latina actress in Hollywood is. The majority of the votes went to Sofia Vergara and right behind her came trailing behind Salma Hayek. It’s kind of shocking that Sofia won, no offense to her, but it is.

She is relatively new to Hollywood with just over ten films in her name. Not to mention, in all of these films she has played supporting characters. Hayek has over thirty films with her name on it and she came in after Sofia.

Hayek’s breakout was when she played the leading role in Robert Rodriguez’s Desperado. This Oscar nominee movie and her contributions to the film industry have helped dig the path for younger stars such as Jessica Alba. Mentioning Alba, she ranked third on the pole. Who do think is the best Latina Hollywood actress? Tell us below.