Deconstructing the New ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer: Comic Ties, Zimmer’s Score and a Lex Luthor Cameo

Posted April 17, 2013 by Rick in Movie News


You can view the Man of Steel Official Trailer 3 at this link before we get started.

Even though parts of this trailer is identical to the past three (including both versions of the first teaser as two), there are a lot of new information in this trailer.  As early as possible, we got to see the first real view of what Krypton looked like from a height.  We had a glimpse of what Krypton looked like but this time we can see the entire thing.  The trailer reveals that the planet is at war and looks like it’s ready to demolish any time soon.

Jor-El holds the baby Kal-El right after he was born and then talks to his wife Lara about their son’s life and how his life will prevail itself differently on Earth where he may be honored as a god.  The next clip shows us the life of Clark on Earth as he saves and rescues while not giving any thought to people finding out his true identity.  The most captivating moment was the barn scene.  We see the ship that brought Kal-El to Earth but Jonathan Kent concludes the film’s second theme: “Are we alone in this universe?”, meaning, is there another race other than humans that live in this universe.  We then see that Clark is afraid of pretending to be human, yet alone a part of the Kent family but Jonathan supports Clark by saying, “You are my son.”

Many fans worried about Jonathan’s intentions from the second trailer because Clark asked him if he was supposed to just let people die in order to protect his powers/identity and his reply was, “Maybe.”  It’s hard to believe that Jonathan doesn’t care since he taught Clark that saving lives are the most important thing.  We have yet to find out what his true character is.

The famous Lois Lane has been hunting Clark for a quite a while and she knows where he’s been.  Although she keeps track of where he is she always arrives late to the scene to meet him.  After the scene of Clark taking off from the ice, there are a few shots that appear to use Kryptonian technology.  There is a machine with tentacles and then a blinding light that one may assume is the “Black Zone” or maybe another weapon in General Zod’s arsenal.  Zod has a reason for wanting to follow Kal-El to Earth we just don’t know what that reason is.  We see Zod surrounded by a body shield similar to the one Faora has in one of the Entertainment Weekly photos.

For the finale in the interrogation room, there are two important moments.  First, Lois Lane is almost always the one to label him “Superman.”  If he were to call himself that, that would make him a narcissistic superhero.  Lois doesn’t give him the title so he doesn’t earn it until the end of the film, hence the title, Man of Steel.  The second moment is the symbol “S”.  The “S” symbolizes hope.


Hans Zimmer gave us a taste of what he has done for the film.  The opening of the film is emotional and along the way it picked up rhythm.  He’s in charge of the music and that plays a huge role in this film.

Here is an interview with Zimmer:

‘The risk is to do the same thing again,’ says Hans Zimmer, composer of ‘Man of Steel,’ one of three superhero movies in the pipeline for spring and summer. ‘You take far less risk by trying something new. You still stay in the confines of certain storytelling: Yes, heroic things happen. Yes, you have to find a human element and a sense of awe. Yes, you’re gonna have a bad guy. In that respect, you know what to write.’

‘If Batman is the way the world sees America, Superman is the way America sees itself,’ Zimmer says. The score, he thought, should ‘celebrate everything that is good about America,’ and he began to focus on the heartland where Clark Kent grew up, searching for a sound palette that might be the basis for a fresh approach.