Devil’s Due Movie Release

Posted January 18, 2014 by Rick in Movie News

Devil’s Due Movie Release


Everybody knows that joking with supreme forces may lead to unpredictable after-effects in any case, because it can be dangerous for you and your native people as well. But if you are on the brink of death, you will be ready for different contracts. People do not even think that after such a transaction they may no longer belong to themselves. This is what one of the Devil’s Due trailers tells us – the story begins with the moment when the main character was a little girl who asked for help from higher powers once getting into trouble. And the feedback was horrible…


Years have passed, and the girl has grown up and married. After one night during their honeymoon, the main characters of the “Devil’s Due” movie face with an unplanned pregnancy. The main hero’s wife begins to attend special training courses for pregnant women, while her husband is constantly working in order to serve the needs of his family – an ordinary life, as one would expect.


But strange things start to happen very soon. Strange people come to their yard, and strange signs begin to appear on their house. Gradually the main hero starts to notice unusual changes in behavior of his wife. At first he attributes it to her nerves, but a few months later it becomes apparent that changes in her mind and body have more sinister origins… Everyone knows that moms who are in anticipation of a baby often have very strange desires and talents. During her pregnancy, Samantha showed incredible physical strength, a high degree of aggression and supernatural abilities. Supernatural forces – these are things they could not do without. It turns out that her unborn child is not a human child, but a child of… whom? Just watch the Devil’s Due trailer and decide for yourself.


In the “Devil’s Due” were noted such actors as Zach Gilford, Sam Anderson, Steffy Groat, Geraldine Singer, Allison Miller, Sloane Coe. Matt Bettinelli and Tyler Gillett’s directing can be rated by the second half of January, 2014, when the movie will be released on screens. They say that the film is expected to be the best horror movie of the year. If you are a fan of horror, mystery and thriller, then you will be able to start 2014 with the appearance on the screens of exciting, terrifying and full of mystical stories movie, the directors of which were able to send shivers down the spine of all fans of this genre.