Director Joseph Kosinski Talks TRON 3; Two Weeks Away from Draft With “Much Broader Appeal,” Still Working on Title

Posted April 1, 2013 by Rick in Movie News


With Wondercon going on this weekend, Universal sought out director Joseph Kosnski to speak to some press outlets about his action, adventure sci-fi film Oblivion. This film stars Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman and the film comes out in theaters on April 19th. Below will be a short interview with Joseph. He had some words on the third Tron film.

Kosinski says that he thinks Disney wants to make the film happen for sure. He is just two weeks away from getting the draft of the script that they have been working on literally since 2009. He also says that the story will open up the world and give it a much broader appeal. The title Tron 3 is not set in stone yet. Take a look at what Joseph was asked and what his answers were. Leave some thoughts in a comment.

Question:  Does it feel like there really will be another TRON and that Disney wants that to happen?

KOSINSKI:  Yeah, it absolutely does.  I think I’m two weeks away from getting the draft.  This is a story we’ve been working on since 2009, so that’s four years now.  I’m really excited about the idea that we have for it.  I think it delivers on the promise that both TRONmovies have made.  It opens the movie up, in a way that I think is going to give it a much broader appeal.  Whereas TRON really, ultimately, in the end, catered most to TRONfans, this idea broadens it some more, in really exciting ways.  But, it’s all about the script and making sure that that story is compelling enough to get all of us back together.  Those movies are hard to make.  It’s a two-and-a-half to three-year journey.  So, to go back in there and go back to the Grid, it’s going to have to be a pretty spectacular script.  We’ve got a great writer on it, so we’ll see.

Does it have a title that’s not just TRON 3?

KOSINSKI:  It has a working title, yeah.  TR3N will be our code name.  We have an idea, but nothing is set in stone yet.  We have some exciting ideas.