Director of JANE GOT A GUN drops out by Not Showing Up for the First Day of Filming

Posted March 19, 2013 by Rick in Movie News


Lynne Ramsay was the director of Jane Got A Gun, a Western film starring Natalie PortmanJoel Edgerton, and Jude Law.  On the first day of filming Ramsay dropped out of the movie by not showing up.  How unprofessional is that?

Jane Got a Fun is a Wester film about Jane (Natalie Portman) who runs away from her wanted husband (Jude Law) and joins forces with a previous crush (Joel Edgerton) to protect her family.  Michael Fassbender  was forced to drop out of the project because he was also working on filming X-Men: Days of Future Past.  Fassbender was supposed to play the male lead role of Jane’s previous crush while Edgerton was supposed to play the husband.  It seemed like everything was fine and ready to go but Ramsey decided to not show up for the first day of production in Santa Fe, announcing her withdrawal from the film.

Ramsay has a pay or play deal.  In other words, she gets paid her director fee whether the film happens or not.  Producer Scott Steindorff tells Deadline that he’s committed to keeping the project on track.  The crew will work hard and are dedicated to finish what they started.  Portman also has producing experience, therefore, she’s a great help being an actress and producer.  As they say, the show must go on!