Disney Confirms New ‘Star Wars’ Movies in Theaters Every Summer Beginning in 2015

Posted April 17, 2013 by Rick in Movie News


Today Disney confirmed at Cine Con that Star Wars : Episode VII is still in fact on it’s way for a 2015 theatrical release. This major confirmation included the release will occur over the summer of 2015. But wait, there is at least some good news, the studio has said that we will be seeing Star Wars in theaters allot now. Every summer a new Star Wars movie is going to premiere in theaters starting with Episode VII.

No one has any idea as to what the movie will be about. When it comes to the plot we will just have to wait and see. Adding to no information on the plot, there is also no information on casting confirmations or any story details. We are expected to scoop out some information late this summer at Cine-con or Disney’s D23 convention.