Encouraging Movie Review

Posted December 27, 2013 by Rick in Movie News

Encouraging movie review 

            Sometimes your life is empty and colourless, it can last a small part of time or take years of your existence. When only problems, emptiness and grey spots are around you, it is okay for person to shut down and lose contact with reality. But your imagination can make your life a little bit brighter, you can imagine and even create your own world with people you like and situations you would like to live through. No one can forbid you to dream big. The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty trailer shows frames from the main character’s real life and his imaginary world, it is released by 20th Century Fox to present and promote the movie and is almost wordless, showing breathtaking images to the strains of the melancholic track “Dirty Paws” performed by Of Monsters and Men.
The trailer starts from when Walter tries to send a wink to his co-worker Cheryl, whom he adores very much, but the service is unable to perform request. While he is waiting for his train, Walter calls the support to solve the problem with wink thing. The guy from the support service says that Walter’s profile is almost blank and asks him has he been anywhere mentionable or has done something mentionable as well. And now we are able to see Walter’s imaginary world in full bloom. He imagines himself jumping into the window of nearby building and saving a dog, after what he runs from the building warning everyone around that the house is about to blow. He gives back the dog to the owner who appears to be Cheryl, his love object. But the support guy brings him back to reality and Walter’s trail has already left.
Walter works at the Life magazine, which is working on its latest issue right now. Famous photographer has sent the magazine a perfect picture for the last cover, called negative 25. When Walter looks trough the negatives, he finds out the negative 25 is missing and admits that this could be his fault. His boss is very unhappy with the situation and tells Walter next time he sees him he sees the photo too. Walter stays cool but in his imagination he wants to throw his boss out of the window.
And now Walter is dealing with a dilemma, what he should do and Cheryl helps him to find the answer. She encourages him to go ahead by telling him that life is about courage and going into unknown and only he can connect all the parts to get the total sense of his life. Next what we see is Walter jumping into helicopter full of determination and ready for adventure of his entire life.
Christmas is the magical time and miracles can happen with everyone. Do not miss this new movie full of romance and incredible adventures. Start living your dreams together with Walter!