EPIC Behind-the-Scenes Preview with Director Chris Wedge Reveals a Battle Between Life and Decay in a Magical Hidden World Right Beneath Our Noses

Posted March 21, 2013 by Rick in Movie News


With Chris Edge directing  Epic, an animated adventure comedy ready to come out at the end of May we were blessed with a behind the scenes preview of the Blue Sky and 20th Century Fox production. As for the story-line many have compared  Epic’s plot and 1992′s Fern Gully: The Last Rain forest and 1989′s Honey I Shrunk The Kids. There is much more to Epic other then just bringing old movies to modern times. After all, the movies target audience are children who are too young to have even seen those movies anyway.

The movie starts off as just a plain looking backyard with a grass lawn. Little did the average observer know, there is an eternal war ranging between the forces of life and the agents of decay. The battle is ongoing between the leafmen which are two inch tall humanoid creatures with grasshopper-like jumping abilities, and the Boggans which are dim-witted creepy crawlers who far out number the leafmen. Ronin, the leader of the leafmen who is voiced by Collin Farrell. Josh Hutcherson voices Nod, a young recruit with a mindset of his own. They fight the Boggans for Queen Tara who is played by Beyonce Knowles. The leader of the Boggans is Christopher Waltz and the human-girl that just magically shrunk is voiced by Amanda Seyfried.

Although this movie is not quite done yet, the footage from the trailer is absolutely beautiful. The amount of detail the animators have given the animations are absolutely amazing! Epic debuts on May 24th.