Exclusive Teaser Poster from YOU’RE NEXT Releases the Animals

Posted March 22, 2013 by Rick in Movie News


Lionsgates You’re Next has been promoted. They are promoting this upcoming horror flick by revealing the masks of the three killers. Each killer will be wearing a different mask and Lionsgate is promoting the masks in posters one by one. I’m ecstatic to say that we have the teaser poster for the sheep mask. The poster asks “Did you remember to lock your door?” I’m sure that people who have seen this movie will learn to cover their windows, stay low, and learn as many survival tactics as possible.

The trailer for this movie comes out on March 28th. The film stars  AJ Bowen, Amy Seimetz, Barbara Crampton, Wendy Glenn, Margaret Laney, Rob Moran, Joe Swanberg, Nicholas Tucci, and Ti West. The movie comes out on Aug 23rd.