Fast & Furious infographic: Cast, Locations, Cars

Posted May 19, 2013 by Rick in Movie News
Image fast-furious-infographic-cast-locations-cars-134993-a-1368791445-470-75.jpg

Fast & Furious 6 is in cinemas now, and the franchise has been on quite a journey since The Fast And Furious put the keys in the ignition back in 2001. As well as the literal journey, location-hopping around the globe, F&F has seen its cast taken apart, tuned up and re-assembled, and plenty of cars have been destroyed along the way. Which makes it all the handier to have this infographic, detailing the cast members, locations, cars, and – crucially car wrecks, as a handy catch-up before you see the new film. Check out the infographic in full below: [Click on the infographic to see it in hi-res] Fast & Furious 6 is in UK cinemas now. Judging by the ending of the latest film, there’s still plenty of fuel left in the tank…

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