From TV Show to Movie: ‘The Bible’ Is Heading to the Big Screen

Posted April 24, 2013 by Rick in Movie News

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The Bible’s premiere on the History Channel has became 2013′s number one cable-TV series. Ratings were going crazy over the course of its 10 hour run it reported a 100 million viewers in North America alone. Obviously, having known that almost a third of the American population was tuned in to watch this, it was not enough to the producer of the show. Mark Burnett is busy trying to cut this ten hour show into about three hours in order to make it a movie. He wants it in theaters by this fall.

Mark claims that he has already got many offers on the table from several studios to get involved in this project, but he is considering going through a more unconvential way. Mark can of course afford to finance this movie on his own, rather then splitting it with another distributor.

Making a TV show into a movie is pretty complicated, especially ten hours down to three hours. The main question is will fans turn out to see a three hour version of what is already out on TV for free and has ten hours? This movie is expected to have alot repeat watchers and curious. What would you do? Let us know what you think in a comment!