GANGSTER SQUAD Director Ruben Fleischer to Produce and Helm Untitled Sci-Fi Fantasy for Sony

Posted April 25, 2013 by Rick in Movie News


Ruben Fleischer is ready to try his luck with sci-fi.  It has been reported that Fleischer is returning to Sony Pictures- where he made Zombieland and 30 Minutes or Less- to direct a sci-fi/fantasy film and the title is unknown.  It was his idea to direct a sci-fi film because he wanted to take on a new challenge along with Eric Pearson who is the screenwriter.  The plot is not yet revealed but we know we’re in for a surprise because Fleischer’s previous film, Gangster Squad is a drama/action film.  Although Fleischer found great success with Zombieland, Gangster Squad wasn’t that great of a success, as it tallied up a worldwide gross of just over $100 million against a $60 million budget.

Fleischer is also developing a modification of the video games Spy Hunter at Warner Bros. to direct, but we’re not sure what he’ll challenge himself with in his next project.  Gangster Squad has some tone issues, but we’re all excited to see how he’ll take on a sci-fi film.