Jon Favreau in Talks to Write, Direct, and Star in Indie Comedy CHEF

Posted April 26, 2013 by Rick in Movie News


Jon Favreau made a great name for himself in the indie film world and made an even bigger impact as a blockbuster director with Iron Man and Iron Man 2.  After his last movie, Cowboys & Aliens, Favreau took a brief breather from controlling giant productions.  It’s a plus that Warner Bros. put Jersey Boys into turnaround and Magic Kingdom is developing slowly at Disney.  Favreau directed the pilot for Revolution and a late-season episode of The Office while taking on suupporting roles in the likes of John CarterIdentity Thief, and (hey) Iron Man 3.

Favreau is looking at an independant production for his next feature and he is in talks with financiers to write, direct, and star in Chef.  The details are not yet known, but Favreau would play an emotional chef who runs a L.A. restaurant in the indie comedy.  It would be a great thing to see him connect with his roots.