Jude Law Drops Out of JANE GOT A GUN in Lieu of Lynne Ramsay’s Exit

Posted March 20, 2013 by Rick in Movie News


It seems like the Western film Jane Got a Gun is headed for trouble.  Yesterday, March 19th, we learned that the director of We Need to Talk About Kevin and Jane Got a Gun’s Lynne Ramsay decided to drop out of the film by not showing up to set on the first day of filming.  While everyone was still on board, they quickly replaced Ramsay with Gavin O’Comnner, director of Warrior.  You’d think that all complicated situations are over and done with but today Jude Law dropped out of the film as well.  Law was supposed to play the role of Jane’s (Natalie Portman) unlawful husband but due to Ramsay’s exit, Law quickly followed.

Michael Fassbender dropped out of the film Jane Got a Gun because he had scheduling issues with X-Men: Days of Future Past.  Because of his withdrawal, Jude Law took his place, making that the only reason for participating in the film.  Although that may seem like the only reason for his withdrawal, he claimed that he only signed on to work with Ramsay.  We are not completely aware of Ramsay’s reason for leaving but it is believed that Law may have been sympathetic to Ramsay’s reasoning.

Of course the show must go on so production was set to resume this coming Thursday with O’Conner as the director.  Due to Law‘s exit, producers must find a replacement for Law’s lead role.  According to Portman and Edgerton, they are on board to the very end.