Kickstarter Launched to Fund the Veronica Mars Movie

Posted March 13, 2013 by Rick in Movie News


Veronica Mars Movie is finally coming out. The destiny of the prosperity of the movie is soley placed in the hands of the shows’ fans. The series creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell proposed a kickstarter to fund the film with a goal of $2 million. Although the series that the movie will be based only lasted three seasons before cancelation, it was a cutting favorite.

Thomas and Bell have been intending on doing this movie for years now, but studios have been unwilling to foot the production bill because it has been anticipated that the film will have a small audience and therefore have a large profitability.

The plot of the movie follows the exploits of a high school/college student moonlighting as a private investigator and carried a heavy nior influence. The Veronica Mars Movie is to be shot this summer on a low budget and if their $2 million kickstarter goal is met within 30 days then Warner Bros Digital Distribution has agreed to pay for the films marketing, promotion and distribution.

The movie will be released in the first quarter of 2014 only being in limited theatres followed by a VOD, iTunes etc. The only way this movie is going to stay in the theatres is if that kickstarter goal is met.