Labor Day 2012 Box Office Numbers Typical

Posted September 3, 2012 by Rick in Movie News
The Possession Labor Day

Labor Day Weekend is almost always slow in the theaters and this year was no different. The typical numbers showed up in force at the cinema and not much more. There were some exciting things going on, however. The Possession continued it’s red hot run at the top of the charts with a total of $21,300,000 at the box office so far. That is far ahead of the second place Lawless with $13,000,000 over the same four day period. When the holidays come around, either the box office blows up or it is slow as molasses. This Labor Day was the typical slow affair.

The rest of the list was similar and looked like this:

  • The Expendables 2 finally slipped a bit from their powerful domination of the box office but they still kept a solid $11,000,000 going for the weekend and $68,559,000 overall. Who knew the old fellas would draw that kind of bank?
  • The Bourne Legacy came next drawing $9,377,000. This movie really has not done as well as I thought that it might. Apparently not having Jason Bourne is a big deal after all. (Or not having Matt Damon)
  • ParaNorman, the kids stop motion 3D movie that terrifies kids is next with $8,853,000. This movie has puzzled me from day one and I really don’t get the point. If it is a kids movie that is really for adults, then just say so. Otherwise, stop calling it a kids movie right?

That concludes the top five and makes it abundantly clear that Labor Day is not a good weekend for theatrical releases. The one surprise here is Possession and it deserves all the praise it is getting. This movie will scare you out of your mind if you are not ready to deal with the jolts. There is something about the little girl that just creeps us out.