Listen to 30-Second Clips from Hans Zimmer’s Score for MAN OF STEEL

Posted April 30, 2013 by Rick in Movie News


Hans Zimmer has released 30-second snippets of his upcoming film, Man of Steel.  Zimmer was tapped to score the film before he was assigned the job.  Most people thought that Man of Steel producer Christopher Nolan would give his Dark Knight Trilogy composer over to Zack Snyder‘s Superman reboot.  Zimmer was assigned the job which came with the unavoidable task of being the in the shadow of John Williams’ classic Superman theme.  It is known that Zimmer has a variety of filmography, although his work does tend to get parodied for its heavy bass-driven punctuations (or “BWAAAAH”s).

You can listen to the 30-second snippets here:

There will be a regular edition and a deluxe edition that contains six extra tracks.  Man Of Steel opens in 3D on June 14th.