Mark Ruffalo Talks Being Hypnotized by Woody Harrelson, Working with Louis Leterrier, Filming in New Orleans, and More on the Set of NOW YOU SEE ME

Posted April 15, 2013 by Rick in Movie News


Mark Ruffalo plays the role of an FBI agent in Louis Leterrier’Now You See Me film.  Ruffalo plays an FBI agent who tracks down a team of magicians who steals money during their death-defying acts.  Even though Ruffalo plays the role of a macho cop, he’s a softie in real life.

About a year ago, Ruffalo along with other actors, participated in a group interview on the set of Now You See Me.  He spoke about why he wanted to participate in the film, working with Leterrier, filming in New Orleans and NYC, magicians and what kinds of scripts interests him.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

  • Ruffalo’s FBI character is described as kind of a rogue. He’s always screwing things up but he does it with a lot of authority.
  • Ruffalo says the film has a Robin Hood flair to it.
  • One of the reasons Ruffalo responded to the script was that the plot “blew his mind” and completely tricked him

Question: What was it about this project that made you sign on and get involved?


Um — Jesse Eisenberg.  I read it and I thought it was a really fun thing.  It’s something I’d never done.  I got to do some action stuff in it and I thought it was really kind of a clever script.  It had a clever twist in it.  And I just thought it would be one of those movies that is just a fun ride.

Do you have magician envy?


I’m a little bummed out that I don’t get to do any tricks, but I got something up my sleeve.

You used to work in a bar as a bartender.  Did you see a lot of guys pulling magic tricks on women and stuff?


Magicians, just a general note, don’t get laid.  I hate to say that.  [Asks woman] Are you into magicians? [She respondes “No.”]

Do you think David Copperfield got his ass kicked as a kid?


I don’t know, but he’s not doing so badly right now I don’t think. 

If you’re a really good magician, I would imagine you could…


You know, we were at a party once and there’s these street magicians that I’ve seen perform.  David Blaine, I was at a party and he was doing some stuff and I thought my wife was gonna run off with him.  And then Keith Barry who’s one of our consultants on this, who’s actually Woody Harrelson’s consultant who’s a great hypnotist and a great street magician, could be very, very seductive as well.