Movie News: Jamie Foxx Ready to Sing Again in ‘Annie;’ Quentin Tarantino’s Stolen ‘Pulp Fiction’ Car Found

Posted April 30, 2013 by Rick in Movie News


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Annie: Jamie Foxx might just be Daddy Warbucks in the new upcoming musical adaption Annie. Actress Quvenzhane Wallis is already in place to play the role of  a little orphan girl named Annie. Producers for this upcoming film is set to be Will Smith and Jay-Z. If the negotiations work out, Jamie Foxx will be singing onscreen for the first time since about 2006 on Dreamgirls. How do you feel about this? Let us know in a comment.

Sugar Bandits: Joe Carnahan, filmmaker, scored a one-two action punch with The A-Team and The Grey a couple years back but has since seen other potential projects such as  Daredevil. He is now in talks with Sugar Bandits which is based on a book by Chuck Hogan. The movie will follow a group of war veterans who team up to rip off some of their local drug dealers.

Pulp Fiction: About 17 years ago the classic Chevy that John Travolta in Pulp Fiction drove was stolen right outside the L.A home of the director of that movie, Quentin Tarantino. It was actually found in Oakland, California and will fortunately be returned to Tarantino which is the rightful owner. The Chevy is the one that Travolta took on a date with Uma Thurman and crashed into the home of a drug dealer (Eric Stolz).