New Study Reveals Movie Trailers Are Showing Too Much, but People Don’t Seem to Mind

Posted May 2, 2013 by Rick in Movie News

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In the news, a survey has found that half of movie viewers think trailers give too much away. They think they give away some of the best films in the movie. According to the YouGov Omnibus study, the results have said that 49 percent of interviewees give away way too much. 16 percent of the respondents strongly agreed. Normally, after hearing about this you would think that would  mean Hollywood would stop giving away all if there clips, but you thought wrong.

While almost half of all of the respondents think that trailers show off all the important clips in the upcoming feature. Out of this 49 percent, 19 percent said that this made them less interested to go and watch the full movie. 24 percent said that this made them want to see the movie more. This is crazy. I for one, would have thought the opposite.

Studies have revealed that trailers are the audiences biggest influence. 48 percent of the people interviewed have said that it was the most convincing factor when deciding to go see the full film while 46 percent cited other. So even though trailers go a little too far, it seems to do well with audiences. I guess because of this, producers  will keep this up. Most importantly, how do you feel about this? Do you think trailers give away too much?