Reel TV: Watch the ‘Zombieland’ Pilot Right Now, Plus: ‘Oblivion’ Director’s Crazy New Sci-fi Show

Posted April 19, 2013 by Rick in Movie News


This week is a great week for people who like TV shows who are made by big-screen talents. We have recently showed you all trailers for Black Sails by Michael Bay and the film that Eli-Roth produced, Hemlock Grove which will be soon coming to Netflix. Well, now we have got even more news to share with you. Travis Beacham, Pacific Rim’s screenwriter is teaming up with Obilivion’s director Joseph Konsinki for the new sci-fi show on AMC named Ballistic City.

The duo will be producing along with Kosinski directing the pilot about “a former cop thrust into criminal underworld of a city housed in a generational spaceship destined for an unknown world.” Now, I am all for this sci-fi returning to TV so this is for sure some welcoming news. There is for sure potential in this show about a cop who must maintain order on a spaceship with a one-way ticket away from Earth.

Heres a little secret, AMC is developing six new scripted TV shows. For more on these shows you may want to check out collider. Speaking of this Amazon released the first episode of Zombieland. For this new series, unfortunetly, none of the film’s cast are retuning.   On the bright side, the characters that are being played along side with the writer will be returning. The show’s future will depend on the fan’s reactions to the show so to keep it going make sure you take two minutes to rate Zombieland on Amazon. For right now the pilot is free for just about anyone to watch, so go check it out!