See Michael Shannon’s Eyes Glow Red in New Freaky Images from ‘Man of Steel’

Posted April 22, 2013 by Rick in Movie News

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We are at a very critical time in the lifespan of a movie where we are jonesing for some more of just about anything from the film Man of Steel. At the same time it would be a goal to go into marketing lockdown until the movie premieres in June so that nothing else is spoiled for both us, and fans. Since the studio has been releasing information, they have been very careful with what they release. These new pics won’t ruin any surprises to your spoilerphobe. It will make you want to catch the next train to see the movie!

Empire has released 2 new covers by Man of Steel. In one it features Superman who is actually Henry Cavill and the other pic is Zob who is actually Michael Shannon. This comes along with a bunch of new images that were spread across the pages of it’s magazine. Below you will find both covers and in the one with Zod, he has glowing eyes! Are you wondering what that has to do with the movie as much as we are? This movie comes out on June 14th, make sure to leave some thoughts!

mosemp3 mosemp2 empire_3