Starred Up Movie Review

Posted February 22, 2014 by Rick in Movie News

Sometimes, when you have no bright and happy moments in life, when you don’t know what love and care are, when all you have seen in your life are only dirty streets, gang bands and swearing, then you know only one way how to solve a problem or protect your life. You use violence. In this criminal world fist is more understandable than a conversation. And there is no surprise that this kind of behaviour may lead to prison. David Mackenzie, famous British director, present new drama movie called Starred Up, telling the life story about young man Eric, who gets behind bars at age of 19.

This movie is the new British drama, it has everything the prison-thriller genre requires but in whole the plot is more focused in personal directions which allowed the makers to create more alive and intense characters. Almost as all British movies, this one has lots of brutal and fight scenes, is full of blood and shouting people.

All action happens around young boy Eric, played by Jack O’Connell, a troubled violent 19 years old prisoner who has been transferred from young-offenders prison to adult one. He was placed in the same prison’s wing with a dangerous prisoner Neville, played by Ben Mendelsohn. Eric doesn’t know yet that Neville is his father he has never met and known. The governor of prison Hayes, played by Sam Spruell, has a big desire to lock Eric in his cell forever and throw away the key, showing Eric he will never be a free person. But prison’s therapist Oliver, played by Rupert Friend, tries to convince the governor that Eric can be more useful if they direct his anger and rage in a positive way. Hayes and Oliver have a deal and from now Eric has to visit group discussions as a part of the therapy. These discussions are open, so Eric meets and gets into a rival gang, making Neville very worried.

Attending the group therapy helps Eric to forget and deal with all these years of violence and abuse he has been suffering and now he can see that there is another way to solve problems and communicate with people without being violent. This discovery really amazes Eric and helps him to build better relationships with Oliver, Neville and other group members. But this story is not going so bright as it may seem. There is always a bad guy who sees himself being a boss, giving the story lots of interesting and unexpected twists.

For the first time this movie was shown at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival as a part of the Special Presentation section. Starting from late March of 2014, Started Up movie will be screened world-wide.