Stoker Sneak Peek Now Available From ET

Posted September 20, 2012 by Rick in Movie News

Stoker is coming in March 2013 and we could not be more stoked about it. (Could not resist the pun) Above is a trailer that was released by ET preview that shows just how good it is going to be. The film is about a girl named India (Mia Wasikowska) who loses her Dad in a car crash. Her Uncle Charlie appears (Matthew Goode) to help her and her mother (Played by a chillingly emotional Nicole Kidman) but they are uncertain as to his motives. While extremely charming, he seems to be up to no good in some way. Even more odd is why India finds him so intriguing despite his obvious bad intentions.

The film is directed by Oldboy Chan-wook Park and it is his first English language film. He has a great style that lends itself quite well to this type of suspense thriller. I expect Stoker to be a huge hit here in America and perhaps even overseas when all is said and done. These types of movies have a tendency to develop a cult following for some reason.

The role I am most excited about seeing is that of Nicole Kidman. She can truly be enthralling when she gets the right role. (The Others) I am hoping that as an emotionally unbalanced mother she can draw on all her inner reserves. When she does, she lights up the screen for everyone.

Perhaps when the entire trailer comes out the buzz will grow even larger for this film. Not many people are aware it is even on the way it would seem. Once the word gets around, this film will be white hot. For now, enjoy the sneak peek shown above and get ready to be spooked. The film is going to be a spooky one indeed.