The Monuments men: the ones who stole the stolen and defended the past

Posted March 3, 2014 by Rick in Movie News

The new movie “The Monuments Men” premiered this February and is a total success. Created and produced by Columbia Pictures together with Smokehouse Pictures, this film tells an incredible true story, focusing on an unlikely World War II platoon.


The Monuments Men trailer gives a great first view of the movie, as we get to see amazing actors like Matt Damon, George Clooney, John Goodman, Cate Blanchett and Bill Murray, playing amazing characters. The fact that it is all based on true events makes the movie more intense and the roles get an amazing credibility. The monuments men were tasked with finding and protecting over 5 million pieces of stolen artwork by the Nazi. Those men were art archivists, curators, museum directors, just people who were more familiar with the Michelangelo than the M1. Still, they had to fight the Nazis, in order to steal the stolen and to defend it. They had to get as close to the war front as they could and for such people that’s a really tough job. The fact that it is all true and these men existed makes this movie an incredible beautiful biography.


There is so much to see in “The Monuments Men” and there is so much to experience. Once you understand that this mission was huge, you simply start admiring the courage and the knowledge that helped these people do their best in protecting the stolen art works.


You can burn people’s homes to the ground, you can take their food and water and somehow they will still find a way back. But if you destroy their history and their achievements it is like they never existed. That’s what Hitler wanted to do and that’s exactly what the monuments men were fighting against. They wanted to defend the past and steal the stolen in order to keep our civilization safe from the unknown, because here is no culture with no past.


This year, do not miss the amazing movie “The Monuments Men”. Directed by the gorgeous George Clooney, this film is going to teach you not only history, but also a life lesson about courage, bravery and dedication.